To SetUp a Blog Site of the Crypto Coin Niche

Let's say I have an affiliate website about cryptocurrencies. And I want to have an article on "How to buy Bitcoin – Tutorial" on it. But I also want to target the keywords of other cryptocurrencies – so I would also have the articles "How to buy Litecoin – Tutorial", "How to buy Ethereum – Tutorial". However, these tutorials would be the same, because the process for buying any of these cryptocurrencies is the same. The only difference is that you will choose the one that you want to buy. Wouldn't this cause internal duplicate content on my website? I was thinking about writing only one detailed tutorial (How to buy Bitcoin – Tutorial) and as for the other articles – I would just link from them to the Bitcoin one and would ask people to follow that tutorial, but choose their desired cryptocurrency.
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This is a good start…
to setup a blog site of the crypto coin niche


Arios Β» Dolman
Are those purple H1s pages?
Dolman Β» Arios
Dark purple dotted line = H1 tag
For example, the "Where Can You Buy Cryptocurrencies" heading is an H1 tag on the "The Investors Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency in 2022" pillar page as well as the "What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy" heading is an H1 tag on the same page.
Light purple dotted line = H2 tag nestled within the H1 tag
For example, the "Can You Buy Cryptocurrenices on Coinbase?" heading is an h2 tag placed below the h1 tag "Where Can You Buy Cryptocurrencies?
In the case of the heading "What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy?" there would be headings placed in H2 tags for each of these supporting pages with text underneath them to introduce the topic and link to the supporting page for the full guide to buying each coin – they've just been removed from this particular example for the sake of the illustration.
Same goes with the first heading "Where Can You Buy Cryptocurrencies?" which would have supporting pages for "How to Buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase" and "How to Buy Crypto on Robinhood" linking from each of the respective H2 heading tag sections of the page, as well as many of the others which have been left out from this quick illustration.
Should you prefer, you use the page title as the only H1 tag on the page and replace the multiple H1 tags with multiple H2 tags and then drop straight into the H3 to replace the H2, but that's a matter of preference.
Arios Β» Dolman
Appreciate the micro learning bits 😎
Pijus Β» Dolman
Where do u create these H1, H2
Can u tell me the tool name. πŸ™
Dolman Β» Pijus
The Investors Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency in 2022

Why not combine all of them in one article.

The person searching "how to buy dogecoin" doesn't necessarily want the same things as the person searching "how to buy bitcoin" so the answer targets for these search queries aren't going to be exactly the same.
For example, the "where to/places to buy bitcoin" and "where to/places to buy dogecoin" are going to be different (i.e. number of places you can buy bitcoin >>>> number of places you can buy dogecoin) and perhaps others, such as the method of payment (credit card, debit card, PayPal) might be affected too as part of that ripple effect.
As a result, more than 40% of the content is likely to be 100% unique to each page and given the ability to re-write/re-phrase the remaining 60% to make it unique from page to page rather than duplicate it verbatim, the search demand and underlying search intent relative to these topics suggests they each require their own pages of content dedicated to their subject matter.

With close to 50,000 keywords being searched about 2 million times per month, there are going to be dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of different pages required by the search demand for this seed topic and underlying search intent which motivates people to search for information related to this subject matter.
Unless you have some examples of a single URL ranking for close to 50,000 keywords, multiple keywords with more than 100k+ monthly searches, and/or producing 2,000,000 monthly visitors from organic search traffic, I don't think it would be wise to attempt to rank a single page for all of the "how to buy" keywords as they relate to buying crypto coins.
If you're not really targeting the crypto niche and these keywords are just an example, the process will be the same as you build your content map and define your content marketing strategy to eventually rank for all of them.

to setup a blog site of the crypto coin niche


Andrej ✍️ » Jason
Thank you very much for your input.

Andrej ✍️
Thank you guys all for your advice.

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