Tips To Your Clients Believe How Much Money They Spent on Your Services

Expressing Gratitude
This morning, I am grateful that our clients, despite having the ability to leave whenever they want, have been choosing to do business with us month after month…
We've had a 95% retention rate over the last 3 years without ever making a single client commit for any time period via a contract…
This has given me the financial freedom to clear up every aspect of my life – mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and most importantly having the time to do the things I want, rather than the things I "have to"…
I never make any client "commit" via contract for any time period because I believe in earning their business every single month…
There are 3 tenants of client retention, and if you implement them, you can make sure that you never needlessly lose another client again…
One of them is TRANSPARENCY…
And the most important part of it means being able to translate your work into Return of Investment (RoI) for the client.
If the client knows that for every $1 they spend with you, they get $7 back, and they know they have a 30% margin, then they also know that you are a money printing machine for them on the front end (never mind back-end conversions, but that's a topic for another time)…
One problem I see with many marketers is that they don't take the time to set up ANY tracking, or set up the analytics to figure out ROI/conversions for the clients…
And maybe, it's because their services don't actually generate a positive ROI when margins are factored in, and thus they really shouldn't have that client in the first place…
Maybe it's confusion, or a lack of knowledge, or laziness, or being overwhelmed, or underestimating the importance of adding transparency to their results…
We're SEO users and we all work in different niches, with different business models, but I encourage you to start thinking "how can I start calculating ROI for my clients"…
For example:
Mr. Client, mind popping into your Client Relationship Management (CRM) real quick? How much is your average sale?
— you get the avg cart value —
Okay, and out of all the calls you got, how many converted into a sale?
— you get their conversion rate for calls —
Now you login to their Google My Biz (GMB) and get the call volume before you started working with them (averaged over X amount of time) and the call volume now, and now you have a rough idea how much additional revenue you're bringing in…
*assuming there's no seasonality, this post is just to get you started…
— automate that —
If you don't use any fancy software, create an excel sheet with the conversion rates/numbers, and just have a Virtual Assistant (VA) update those numbers every month.
— track other sources —
Repeat this process with web-submissions, or direct on site call volume…
— Add more value —
They only hired you for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but the bottom line is that you want to become your client's most valuable marketing asset, and so start looking at their sales funnel to identify where they're dropping the ball…
– Are they not answering calls?
– Do they need better follow up?
– Are they not converting on the back end (remember, you can increase the avg cart value, which makes the traffic you bring much more valuable)
Obviously, this is a lot of work, but it WILL help you increase your retention rate and allow you to charge more…
Part of the reason why I suggest only working with high-ticket clients is so that you can "optimize their business", get paid a ton for it, and have those HT clients for years on end rather than churning through a bunch of low-paying, micro managing small clients.
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Truslow πŸŽ“
I agree with just about every point in here – which is a rarity on SEO forums. lol
I agree 100%. There may be an initial "investment" period where the client pays us, but if we're doing our jobs, they're at least "breaking even" very quickly (like in a 3-4 months) and then covering margins by like month 6 or 7. As you say – by then you're playing with house money. Your 15% is a good target. I tend to position it as 20% of sales and we can justify our jobs. 10% is the real goal and then you keep us on AND give us some Christmas Bonuses next year. πŸ™‚

Souza ✍️ » Truslow
Glad we're seeing similar numbers. Here's a paragraph from our onboarding call script
Truslow πŸŽ“
Yep. Matches up pretty close. We tend to have slightly different published goals than real goals – and competition affects both the timeline and rates of success too. So…
We set reasonable and obtainable goals that we present to the client – but then still shoot for the better ones. Those numbers change client to client.
We have some clients, for example, where we just need to get them 3 sales a year. Each sale is six figures, so… that's all it takes to make them happy and wealthy. That means we might be focused a lot more on conversion rates than ranking… making sure that we only need 10 leads to make those three sales instead of 30 leads. We can more easily control that than control whether enough people exist who may want it.
But yeah… in general – for most $30-80 million per year businesses outside of super competitive or heavily regulated niches – those timeline numbers are just about spot on.

Agree. And you have to help educate some businesses. Many smaller businesses are very unorganized when it comes to certain things. And many don't really know business math. So knowing their average lifetime value, profits, conversion rates, etc. is important if you wanna scale a business profitably.
Also, some business owners are ego based too, so just seeing themselves showing up for searches related to their business, satisfies them, even if they only get a sale here and there from it lol. I know of a few business owners who don't really make a lot of money, not much more then working a regular job, but love to talk about themselves and how wonderful and great they think they are lol

Souza ✍️ » Phil
Definitely true, but I wouldn't say that's a reliable way to grow an agency. Great if those clients come, but can't rely on them

Same here. We've only had one very small customer leave in the past 3 years. I love doing month to month and not locking clients in contracts. If you deliver results that's all it matters.
You have to change your mindset from being a provider to becoming a partner to your clients. We are so embedded in our client's team that they consider us part of the team. It's definitely the way to go and the very opposite of being a cookie-cutter agency.
Focus on relationships not money and the rest will follow.


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