Tips to Rank on Other SEs besides Google like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo

Please have some few questions
1.) since Google is unpredictable with ranking now, does anyone has some little tips to rank on other sites like
a) DuckDuckGo
b) Being
c) Yahoo
Please does will like to know if sites like DuckDuckGo still bother about bulk link buying.
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here is your problem all those combined will not deliver the traffic Google gets you so like it or not you are dependent on Google. Also if you stay on the white hat side of things rankings are not all that unpredictable. Yes sometimes an update can ding you a bit but usually, recovery is not too tough unless you did something you are not supposed to algo updates are usually not a problem. Sometimes you can get caught up in one but usually, they shake back out. Just as an example when the Google review site update came out on of my clients got caught up in it. Well after looking at it we had an h2 tag that was site-wide that said see our Google reviews. While this is not a review site that was enough to get us caught in a filter. Once we removed this it took about 2 weeks and we bounced right back! This is prob not what you want to hear…

Yvan ✍️ » Dominik
Thanks bro
Dominik » Yvan
No problem at all my man I wish we had another engine to compete with Google!
Yvan ✍️ » Dominik
But I really prefer being and duckduck go for my nich

Truslow 🎩
At the base level – those search engines look for the same raw signals that Google looks for. Now – to what level and exactly how they use and interpret those signals, that's really the difference.
Really though – your premise for this question seems flawed to me. I don't find Google being unpredictable – at least not any more now than it ever has been. If anything, Google seems a bit more predictable now. If I send the right set of signals and have more of those along with a good record of trust and authority, it's pretty easy to bend Google to you will and have it do your bidding. Sure… if you're in a highly competitive niche with 100 competitors all trying to achieve the same thing by doing roughly the same thing, then yeah – that makes it harder. But that's not Google being unpredictable – that's competition.
All of the search engines you've listed use things like Structure Data, Semantic HTML, and signals that go far beyond the "Match The Keywords, Get Links, Then Rank" strategy that a lot of people still use. It makes sense because those things are designed to make it easier for machines to understand the content – so of course they are all going to leverage that. They all even have some basic Natural Language Processing (NLP), word vector, cooccurrence, and other language extraction things going on.
Where Google stands out above them all is their massive power and algorithms that interpret that information a lot more accurately, quickly, and broadly. This, in very simple terms, means that Google is simply a little more advanced when it comes to looking at all of these signals and being able to see if the signals all agree with each other or whether you might just be trying to pull the wool over its eyes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.
The funny thing is, when people say that one of these other search engines is providing better results for them, when I really look at what they are actually doing – it's not really true. (And this is probably the most important thing I'm going to say in this response…) The results look better only when you're being lazy or not really thinking through what you're putting into the search box.
The other search engines (though, to a lesser extent with Bing) are less adept at both figuring out what you're asking and at figuring out what a page is really saying and what it's there for. They're behind the curve there by a decade or so. If your search isn't precise, they don't "really" understand the intent of your search and so they're going to show as many different pages to serve as many different intents as they can. It's a sort of "One of these is bound to be right" approach.
That's great if you really don't know what you want. And it's great if you want your page to show in a search that doesn't "really" fit in with what the page is "actually" about.
Google, on the other hand, looks at your search and, though many calculations and comparisons to other people asking the same vague questions, figures out more exactly what you want. There are things that Google can say, "I'm almost certain they don't want this – so I'm just going to toss it out for this,"
Many of the conversations I have in consults with newer SEO people go something like this:
"I wrote this great blog post about how to change a tire on the roadside, but Google won't rank me for 'Roadside Tire Replacement.' The keywords are all there, I've got tons of links. I even put HowTo Schema in there. How come? "
And the answer is: "Because someone searching for Roadside Tire Replacement is looking for some garage to bring them a tire and replace it – they aren't asking how to change a tire."
That's not Google being unpredictable – it's people creating content for keywords that the content doesn't serve. That's about as predictable as it gets.

Yvan ✍️ » Truslow
The nich I work on is very complicated on google. It's the health nich( research chemicals, online pharmacy and even online dispensary) so it's difficult to rank on Google but easily rank on other search engines so please what is your advice on that? I can Pm you the sites so you can take a look at them and advice on what to do?
Truslow 🎩
Honestly – and I'm going to be a bit blunt here – it sounds like you are playing a bit out of your league. Even with the other search engines – all the same sites are competing there – whether they are consciously doing it or not. You're also asking about high risk solutions (bulk link purchases) that are limited in their payoffs (without lots of other things going on) even if you don't see a penalty.
To me, there are only a couple of options here.
If this is YOUR site (or you are a dedicated employee of the company) I'd be looking for an outside SEO and Digital Marketing Team. You can find lots out there who will work with you and give you stuff to do and learn from them as you work with them on the site. They come up with the strategy, they come up with the execution plan, and you help them execute it while quietly and diligently learning about these things.
If this is just a client site – admit that it's out of your league, give them a refund for anything they've paid you for but haven't completed, and admit that you're out of your league. The client will appreciate that a lot more than finding out that they have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to dig themselves out of the penalty hole you put them in by sacrificing Google to try to rank for DuckDuckGo.
The other option (if it's for a client) is to bring someone who knows about this onto your team. This is probably going to be difficult without renegotiating the contract though… You almost certainly based the contract price on someone at your skill level and people at the level needed for this are likely to charge a lot more.
I can say with absolute certainty – whatever your situation – if I owned a business and learned that my SEO guy was shopping around for risky penalty inducing strategies simply because "the niche was too complicated" – I'd do everything in my power to make sure that person never worked in this business again. There's an inherent amount of risk in lots of things we do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but everyone (including the business owner) has to be aware of those risks and make the informed decision as to whether to take them or not. Is the potential or eventual cost of this worth the potential and possibly short lived gain?
Sure… you can always decide to learn all about the ins-and-outs of this complicated and competitive niche – and I'm sure lots of folks here would be happy to help you with some general advice as you hit specific obstacles. I know I would be.
But that is going to take a bit of change in approach and tactics here. Looking for a magic bullet or a risky solution simply because it's complicated – that'll never work. Even if, by some huge miracle, bulk buying links for DDG doesn't tank everything – you're still continually working in a competitive and complicated niche. No magic bullet can solve that for any extended period of time.
Yvan ✍️ » Truslow
Thanks for the advertise. They are mine actually so am doing the SEO myself. Can you recommend an affordable agency as you stated which I can work with?
Truslow 🎩
I would start by looking on Google for someone in your area or at least country. SEO works best if you have folks who speak the native dialect. Since (by your profile) you are in Cameroon – you probably want someone that a) knows the region well and b) speaks both French and English.
Look around Google too – there are lots of posts and videos that can help you learn what to look for, what to ask, and how to best hire an SEO company.


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