The Higher Your Domain Authority, the Easier or Faster You Will Rank for Keywords


Is it true that the higher your domain authority, the easier/faster you will rank for keywords?

Like for example, let's say a major news publishing site with a Domain Authority (DA) of 85+ publishes an article on 'how to (insert topic here)'. on the other hand, you have a blog site that no one has ever heard of with a very low DA. is it true that the former will rank better/faster for that topic (even for a competitive keyword/topic) than the latter due to its high DA or is it just a myth? Under the assumption the content for both is solid in terms of both quantity and quality. i've always wondered about this.
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It's true to an extent. I wouldn't place all of my SEO strategy into "domain authority" but I would use it to help guide my campaign. However, if there is a keyword you want to target, and you feel like the first page results do not sufficiently answer the query, you can asbolutely get a first page rank above competitors with a higher Domain Authority (DA). I've done it plenty of times before.

is it true that the former will rank better/faster for that topic (even for a competitive keyword/topic) than the latter due to its high DA or is it just a myth?

Yes.. but you seem to be implying causality between DA and rankings. It's not like that. DA (Domain Authority) is a heuristic for measuring the organic visibility of a site relative to other sites.
A site doesn't "rank well" because it has a "high DA".
Sites have a "high DA" because they rank/perform well in comparison to others.
Your goal should not be to obtain a high DA score. Your goal should be to optimize for the factors that make you more authoritative and visible in your niche. Do that and your DA score and rankings will improve.
So, let's revisit your question…

Is it true that if your site has more backlinks, is better optimized, and ranks well, the easier/faster you will rank for keywords?

It would seem obvious that it's true.

Hey, this is Russ Jones from Moz. This is essentially right, except that Domain Authority (DA) is a correlate if the links that cause you to rank well.

Russ, cool to have you here. Can you clarify? Your second sentence seems incomplete. Maybe I'm just tired. Should it say "is a correlate *of the links …"?

Yes I have a site I can rank top 3 on first page for almost anything within a couple hours oftentimes without even fetching
Relatively true. If you have high DA on a food related site, don't pretend to rank faster then others on electrics vehicles, for example!
To be honest, I rarely look at our site's DA and look more towards the DA of where we're getting our backlinks.
If you're looking to rank, backlinks are still a factor. The more you can get from sites with high DA, the stronger you will do in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
Generally the news site will beat a new site with low Domain Authority (DA).
Because of this, you would be wasting time to tackle a topic with lots of strong competition.
Try finding a'How to…' question which is not being properly answered elsewhere. Then write a quality, helpful post which fully answers the question. Accompany this with a video (if practicable) and link the two.
Then repeat this for related questions for your topic and over time, with some social media promotion, you probably will get noticed.
Hard work, but if you stick at it and write useful articles, it can pay off.
Google has their own "authority" based metrics. Domain Authority (DA) is a third party system that uses their own algorithm to detect authority. It's not what Google uses. But if Google sees your website as an authority, it will be easier to rank content.
Hi, I am Russ Jones, one of the architects of of Moz's Domain Authority (DA).
Domain Authority is a measurement of the likelihood a domain will rank over another based on links alone. It is like a meter stick to measure the length of things. It is not the meter stick ultimately that makes something long, is just describes how one is longer than the other.
So DA doesn't cause you to outrank, it just gives you a meter stick to compare your sites to others to help in the process of being confident your SEO efforts will pay off.

This is helpful!
Hello russ jones. Do you know how much grief your update caused me last month? "oh hamburgermadness, our da went from 15 to 9. What did you do?" "oh, hamburgermadness, our DA went from 27 to 35. If happens automatically why are we paying you??"
f*ck clients. Seriously.

Lol they always look at the negative. Sorry for the headaches but it was a long needed improvement.

The high DA site (say medium) article do Rank but not because only their DA is high but also because the Traffic on these sites are high so if you publish an article on these High DA sites Google will monitor the traffic it is drawing and based on that it will rank it.
On the other hand a low DA site the same article would not get that much traffic so Google AI would not place it high in SERP.
I feel Domain Authority (DA)/Page Authority (PA) can be manipulated by taking links from Private Blog Network (PBN). What matters to Google is what type of website is passing authority to you (TF you can say). I've experimented that DA/PA increases even if a non-similar (sites of different niche) site with high DA is linking to you. So that answer to the question is – "High DA site will definitely rank better if that DA is built with the help of sites of same niche".
It's true if your domain authority is high and you have quality content as well then you will rank faster. But if your DA is high but does not have quality content then its hard to rank. so always focus on quality content.
Hi, I am a Digital Marker and Working with E-commerce UK Company. I joined before a month…First I worked on 404 error first and resolve by redirection, block by robots.txt. After that, I worked on On page content optimization. This practice helped me to increased DA by 2 Only in One Month. I think is keywords Ranking and Domain Authority is proportionate. if keywords will rank in search and visitor find your website useful then Click Through Rate (CTR) will be increased. This will increase your domain authority.


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