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Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘
We haven't had a group thread for a while, so here's something I was thinking about recently: How has learning and implementing SEO changed your life?
I subscribe to a number of sub-Reddits where people are focused on taking their life to the next level, and constantly see posts on "I quit doing this and this is what happened" or "I started doing this and now my life is better because…" and I love reading them.
So for those of you who have seen a life shift in learning and understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), what kind of benefits have you seen on a personal or financial level (or both)?
I would love to hear your personal stories!
P.S. Feel free to drop some links if they're relevant (and not just trying to get everyone's email address ;)).
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Financial independence is a given.
More important are the mental challenges you have to overcome when faced with inevitable hardships. That is the best thing SEO and digital marketing gave me – ability to test my mental strength many times over.
Plus, with all Google algo updates and changes that throw you around like a leaf on a windy day, you learn the rules of life: you are never safe, it is never over (until you die), bad days come and go but so do the good days.
That further ties into contemplation about what is life all about, what are the true values. You end up at the same conclusion like many did before you: it is about family, friends, making others happy and enjoying the NOW without worrying too much about past or future.

Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Oh, this is great, Rene! Thanks for sharing
Peter Β» Glen Allsopp
Thank you Glen, you provide immense value to the community, definitely one of the bright spots among many fakes.

I changed my life from zero to 6 figure a year income, worked with clients from all around the globe, achieved financial freedom, got married and now launching my Software as a Service (SaaS) in next few months all because of learning SEO and content marketing.
I never hated my job, but since quitting my job and doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I have more money than working 9 to 5.
But… my bank account would have to get to zero before I get a normal day job again.
I have also met some incredible people and made some great friends through organising meetups. One guy that emailed me for a link once has now become one of my best mates. We went to each others weddings and regularly go for beers. We also motivate each other a lot when times are tough.
Also… when I quit my job to do SEO full time my boss at my previous work asked me out for a drink. I am now married to her πŸ™‚ which in part is all thanks to me learning SEO and quitting!
Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
"One guy that emailed me for a link once has now become one of my best mates. We went to each others weddings"
Now that was unexpected. Super cool!
Now this is the stuff of legends!! Both of your stories inspire me.
I do both freelance and affiliate SEO
I have a team. I love the fact that i can choose clients, partners and the team and i can end anytime any cooperation that doesn't work for me.
I love the fact that i can go on vacation when i want without asking anyone.
I like the fact that SEO is great for long term Return of Investment (RoI) and if you add paid traffic and e-mail marketing to SEO you can earn a lot of money.
Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Probably a few things I'll forget but SEO massively helped me in the writing department.
I was not much of a writer before at all, and after going on guest post rampages and trying to share all I learn on the journey, now I think it's one of my strongest skills.
Not sure I would have written even 1% as much if it was not for trying to figure out what makes Google tick.
Financial is a bit of a given, both in terms of ranking my own websites and working with clients. Sometimes I forget how desperately I wanted to do this thing full-time and how much I dreamed about it day and night.
It's really nice to "be there" now.
Mostly through building websites I've met some incredible people on the journey. One of which became my best friend.
Finally, I love the mental challenge of it all.
My mind goes 100mph sometimes and this industry changes and gives me enough to think about to calm down but also stay interested at the same time.

Doyle Β» Glen Allsopp
"Sometimes I forget how desperately I wanted to do this thing full-time and how much I dreamed about it day and night. "
As someone looking to get started would love to hear more about your early days. Have you written about this anywhere?
Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘ Β» Doyle
I used to have a big post about it on ViperChill, but just have it in backups now. Might resurrect it one day.
The short version is that I worked in a clothes store for two years (TK Maxx, known as TJ Maxx in the states).
Got offered an SEO job in South Africa when I was 17 so dropped out of college which I was struggling with and didn't enjoy and moved there from the UK.
Made it on my own a few years later (ranking sites of my own, then later taking on clients) and have been doing that ever since.


It gave me direction in life. Prior to that I was just "a writer." I have spent the last 9 years building up my knowledge on a daily basis. Pretty much obsessed with it.
The next step for me is scaling and systemizing the work so I'm not the only one doing it. I'm on a trajectory towards full self-employment in the next year — very exciting!
I also started an email list that has grown to 1500 subs in about ~4 months (thank you for the homepage testimonial, Glen :)) link is in my bio.
100% without SEO I would not be as happy in life. So I'm extremely grateful for discovering it.
It's also allowed me to travel to India 3 times and most recently Chiang Mai, Thailand for business.
I want to ride the wave as long as possible. It's just completely endlessly fascinating to me and I don't want to be doing anything else.
I only downside is that I lose sleep because my mind is always turning thinking about it. Haven't managed to fix that πŸ˜ƒ
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has helped me focus on what content needs updated to continue to rank highly.
It has also helped me create better content knowing the search intent! now has several blog posts regarding how to use the mirrors we sell and what they are good for. I'm the most excited for the infinity mirror page. πŸ™Œ
Through SEO I've learned how to make videos, do video editing, learn photoshop & so much more to help make the content super engaging and fun to read! Skills that will last a lifetime.
My goal is to have more passive income via new sites and affiliate programs so we don't have to rely on shipping real products as the primary income source.
Two Way Mirror | Precision Cut Dielectric Glass & Acrylic
Two Way Mirror | Precision Cut Dielectric Glass & Acrylic
Similar story as Steve – I was playing poker professionally, making very good money, then legislation changed and I found myself with most of my net worth tied up in poker sites and couldn't get any money out b/c the US gov't seized the Internet Protocol (IP)s of the sites. So overnight I went from doing well, to basically broke and no career! I was a journalism major back in college, so I started blogging, found you could get people to come from Google and sign up at a high rate, that got me into the rabbit hole. I truly learned from the ground-up, from searching "what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" to now working at one of the top startups in America as an in-house. 100% due to finding it immensely interesting, similar to poker and game theory. If you're lucky in life, you'll find the things that make you pumped to get up in the morning.

Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Didn't know your background. Great story!
Ling Yah Β» Bill
This is such an amazing story! Love it!

Oh Yes, Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implementing changed the entire dynamics of me and my business partner's life.
We both would work at a local agency and had to go through a lot of highs and lows.
Information on web can be overwhelming. We kept working hard and implementing whatever we learned.Huge thanks to sites like Gaps/Nichepursuits/DiggityMarketing etc. Huge thanks to error post by Glen Allsopp as it paved way for our first success.
We wanted to fail hard and fail fast. This way we wanted to avoid the pitfalls as early as possible and before everyone else.
I remember how traumatic it would be, to get stuck on 3rd position for 5-6 months and then all of a sudden we simply tweaked a few things and dominated 1st position for a year.
Later we sold that asset for a handsome amount and started replicating the process for more such assets.
Just yesterday, our interview got published in a Software as a Service (SaaS) tools's blog.
Link to our case study:
Glen Allsopp, You will be surprised to know. Someone who got inspired by a single post on GAPS today does 30,000$ a month. The video is in Hindi Language but look at time where he mentions about it: 19.30, I will translate it for you. He mentions how he learned about affiliate marketing from Gaps.comπŸ™‚
In Bullets:
->Learning SEO did pay us well. That money kinda gave us a peace of mind
->Learning SEO ignited a sense of curiosity, there's something new everyday
-> We don't need a hobby since this is one thing we like to do even in our free time
-> It made us meet a lot of amazing people like you and many others
Meet the 22years old SEO wizard 'Mukesh' – Monday Motivation | OnPage Champ
Meet the 22years old SEO wizard 'Mukesh' – Monday Motivation | OnPage Champ
SEO really changed my life. I was a radiohost for 25 years. I was my dream job, but after I learned about affiliate marketing 7 years ago and started doing SEO as a part of that, I knew it was time to move on.
Quit my 9-to-5 exactly three years ago and made a living from affiliate marketing.
Today I have an online marketing agency in Denmark and a company designing and selling posters + several affiliate sites.
Life is good πŸ™‚
Online Marketing og SEO bureau | Danmarks bedste SEOhajer | SEOhaj

Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Great story! Have you ever considered podcasting?
Yes and I have my RØDE podcaster mic next to me right now, but haven't had the time yet πŸ™‚


From Pro Athlete to SEO 'Pro'
2 years ago, I retired from professional football (soccer) after a memorable and fortunate 15 year career, playing in 4 different countries. This industry has allowed me to become my own boss and have an overall happier life than I did when playing football (depending on the season) because sport is emotionally challenging. The physical part is easy.
Owning and operating websites has given me focus, purpose and enjoyment in a usually difficult time for professional athletes. Many go through depression after retiring as people do not know what to do with their lives. I am grateful I haven't experienced that.
The freedom and flexibility is the best thing about this job. Much like Bill, I also play poker (live poker) and this job allows me to travel to Vegas, Melbourne or basically any other place a big poker tournament takes place.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a game to me. We play against Google and separately, against its users. They both require different strategies when competing for their business. I love that ever-changing challenge. Best of luck to everyone trying to win their game.

Bill Β» Josh
Man we should chat. Would love to hear about your journey.

I was retired in 2016 but sick of having no purpose so I learned how to build websites and offered to help the hotel I was staying at in exchange for cheaper accommodation 😎 I freelanced my way around the world before coming home to work as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at an agency.
The trade taught me a LOT. I've always been a process and systems guy and having something to use processes with has been so good I've learned a tonne about business, the internet, computers, email, maths, bullshit, behavior, people and influence.
Getting it done
Hired an assistant not a Virtual Assistant (VA) and she's been amazing at taking care of the small things and keeping me organized and focused.
I love this job. Can not wait to start work in the mornings.

Alee Β» Pollard
This is very impressive to achieve so much in just three years. Btw you learned coding to make websites or a Content Management System (cms) like wp etc?
Pollard Β» Salman
I'm an average dev and make WordPress Shopify and magneto sites. I figured out early on if I was going to be good at it I would obsess over it and still now I'd get the code display open I'll geek out for way longer than I should. It was a learning attraction I had to say no to. My focus needs to outside of the codebox
Thanks πŸ™πŸΌ

Almost 8 years ago I landed my dream job as a pilot flying for a European airline, but it offered zero quality of life.
I'd always been interested in websites and obsessed with computers so I decided to learn how to earn online – mostly through trial and error. Haven't flown for 2 years now, I have a small team and we just build affiliate sites.
The best decision I ever made, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best hobby job (jobby?) anyone could ask for.
I used to work as a financial analyst, where I did more daydreaming about moving to Europe than actual work…so, no surprise that I lost my job during the recession 2008 πŸ˜‰ Got into affiliate SEO while on unemployment benefits and been doing it ever since. Finally made that daydreaming a reality when I moved from Las Vegas to Amsterdam earlier this year πŸŽ‰
I'm blown away here. Life has been rather unkind to me and my family and I've had to master a sales career quickly to support my family as my husband has been taken ill and is now on disability. I've lost 'the dream' I had for financial independence. But reading this thread has piqued my interest…any suggestions as to where I should start? I do own a texting business that is currently dormant.

Glen Allsopp ✍️ πŸ‘‘
Hey Tricia,
Very sorry to hear about your situation, but sounds like you have the drive to make a big change.
We do have our own program, pinned at the top of this group, but if you're still deciding what business venture to take on, definitely don't buy it at this time.
It's far more important to try to nail down a niche and angle you want to tackle, and give it your all (time permitting) first.
I'm not entirely sure what a texting business involves, but maybe see if you can bring it back and get your first customer. Just taking things one step at a time…
thanks for getting back to me Glen. I really appreciate it! Always blown away by the information you provide.


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