Strategies, so Our Customers Leave a Review on Our Google My Business (GMB)

What are your strategies so your customers leave a review on your Google My Business (GMB)
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Bailey Β» Vijay
Doesn't work people just can't be bothered

Best way to do this is to be sure that the customer is very very happy with the product. You send them a text message and ask how is going with it, if everthing is great they will let you know, and then you ask them a favor, to leave a review so more people like him or her can know your business. I don't do this with all my customers, just to those who seems friendly or open to do this. If you have a sales team you could offer some money for those who gets a review more than 3 stars.
I use the app that I have developed to get reviews and I give this to all of my clients
When they close a job with their crm/pos
The client will automatically get an email and or SMS requesting for review if it's positive it will take them to Google if it's negative it will take them for internal feedback form
I have a Locksmith client that was able to get Little bit over 100 reviews last month on auto pilot with it
You can use it for $10/month ..
DM me for $10 coupon
QR Code left at the front desk, make asking for a review a to do on that employees checklist, also you can incentive employees to ask for reviews, let's say $10 per review. After $500 in cards you have 50 reviews which can be a game changer for local businesses

I usually give the review credit as a gift card to Starbucks, which doesn't credit you until that person spends the money

Review request chatbot from inside my consent forms app, that's how my local business and my students get Google reviews.
The world's most beautiful simple free chat/bot system.
The world's most beautiful simple free chat/bot system.

Kathy Β» Luiza
Can you provide more detail? This is from their website, "Add our chat window to anywhere on your website or simply publish it with one click as a separate page and send via SMS to your clients." Is that what you're doing? How does that work? I'm confused. According to that, you send them a text from the bot app to go to the site to then go to google???
Luiza Β» Kathy
Hi! So you can upload your client list there and it will send the bot via sms to your clients (inside your business acct login in botzzup website) in my case, my consent forms app (MicrobladingApp) is connected to my botzzup acct (since botzzup has partnered up with my app) so when my clients fill and sign forms inside the app in my iPad inside my office before getting procedures done, the chatbot is sent automatically from my app via sms to my clients like a couple of hours or days after they visited me.
We have tried every other system in the past for getting Google reviews and we found this works best with the least amount of effort on our part and it's the most affordable too.


Give the advice they ask for. Every positive conversation closes with an honest request for a review. I explain that reviews help me stay relevant on the internet and I would very much appreciate it if you would provide a review. Then I send a direct link to the review so there is no time wasted with customer trying to find it.
Texts with Twilio / Google sheets integration. No gating, get consistent great reviews. No other methods have worked

Fortin Β» Charles
I tought about doing that too. Do you use the same sender # for all client?
Charles Β» Fortin
Yea (all clients happen to be multiple clinics in the same netwrok).
Kathy Β» Charles
Seems like a good idea for a bulk import, but if the client is going to have to go to sheets to enter a phone number one by one, why not just text the request instead? Can you explain how you are populating that sheet? I do agree, texting is best.
Charles Β» Kathy
Get a list of client names / phones daily and copy paste into sheets. Sheets is integrated with twilio, twilio sends a customized text as soon as it is pasted into Google sheets.
Eric Brandt πŸŽ“ Β» Charles
What is gating?
Charles Β» Eric Brandt
Asking a qualifying question such as "were you satisfied with your service at ___" – if they answer 'yes' then automatically sent a Google review link, if they answer 'no' they are directed to submit feedback directly to the company.
Essentially steering people away from reviews who could have negative feedback.
I did gating at first, but its an extra step – people like simple and easy – started getting way more review conversions once I made it a simple nice text asking for feedback.
Also sending MMS instead of SMS (mms is just an image with the text), I saw increased reviews. Especially for services, include a nice headshot of the person who did the service.
"were you satisfied with you appointment today w/ Dr. ___? Click the link below to leave feedback." and headshot of the doctor is sent with it.

I make a QR code that reads "Leave a review for a chance to win a $100 gift card" The funnel then asks for their name, email and number, (In case they are the lucky winner) and then takes them straight to my Google My Business (GMB) profile. Works like a charm.
1. qr code on receipt
2. make sure doors to the office don't unlock till they leave a review to let them out
3. play the sound over the store speakers of loading shotgun shells
I create a page for reviews. Then I put a link in my menu bar at the top right, that says Google reviews.
I tell my clients that when they do a job ask the client if they are happy. If they are, give them a card with your website and ask them to leave you a review by clicking the Google reviews link on the top right on their website.
That takes them to a page on their website that says, did we do a great job for you, did you love whatever we did, please click here to leave us a five star Google review.
I put a button there that says Google reviews, that they can click. You have to make it really easy, and you have to ask for reviews. People will leave bad reviews without you asking, obviously, but you have to ask for good reviews.
I put a separator in the middle of the page, on the bottom of the page it says did we somehow missed the mark, did we do something wrong, please tell us what we did wrong, what we should have done, and how we can make this right and make you a happy customer. It has a field for their name, phone number, email address, what they did wrong, what they should've done, and how we can they make it right. And a submit button.
It's a diversion. It encourages five star reviews and it discourages bad reviews and leads them away from leaving a bad review. This has been very effective for my clients that actually use it.


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