Stop Promising Overnight Results. The SEO is a Long-Term Play!


Stop Promising Overnight Results, SEO Is A Long Term Play

One of the biggest problems I see in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is that "Experts" will promise cheap or overnight results, and in doing so they not only undercut the market but also ruin the image of what quality SEO is. I can't tell you how many times before I sold my agency that a client told me they couldn't pay for $1000 monthly SEO fees or invest in something that might not happen till 6 months from now, but then they would go hire someone for $100 a month who promises them overnight rankings and I would just watch their rank plummet. I was in the marketing industry for years before retiring, and I've watched every single SEO course to date. No quality course will tell you cheap or overnight SEO is a good idea… not Brian Deans SEO course, not BAM, and not even a course you'll find on the 10th page of Google will advise you that it is the way to get results. Don't be nervous to throw out a fair price, people pay for the service they get and if they want quality they pay for quality
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I totally agree with you Elizabeth. What people actually think that digital marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like a magic stick. We just need to swing it and ranks went up.
Not even that, most of the employers are not ready for investing in paid tools and they want conversion in just 15 days ( not even in a month)
2 years back, I joined a company as SEO executive, the company deals in carpet. Just after a week, they start asking me where is the conversion. I tried a lot to make them understand how digital marketing works.
People consider digital marketing as a robust way to increase sale in no time. But, it is not true.
You need a lot of patience in digital marketing, you need to invest money and everything is done properly at right time then it will bring results, likely, in traditional marketing even you lot of efforts, there are chances that you may don't bring conversion.
It is true that digital marketing brings 100% data control, 100% monetary control and it brings exponential growth. But, on the other side digital marketing is costly, it takes time and there are fair chances that your efforts may end in vain (doesn't bring conversion at the end).
So, every digital marketer whether running an agency or working as an employee has to face this situation to bring the result within a month which is not possible.

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Sadly this is all true, I think people don't understand that theres only so much you can do. The other half is all up to Google but your goal is to put them in the right position when the time comes

100%. People need to stop promising overnight or even over a week result.
What's more, clients need to do a little research and learn that if someone promises any short term returns on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are lying to you.
When I first started many many years ago, I believed that you could rank over night (you kind of could) and it was frustrating that I wasn't seeing immediate results. So every day I was tweaking trying to fix non-existent issues and in turn, creating new issues which ultimately delayed seeing any results.
I learned to give myself 6-8 weeks and sometimes 12 weeks to see steady results from on-site, off-site, and technical seo practices.
My advice to anyone working with clients, tell them that your contracts start at 90 days to see results and after that, you can renegotiate the contract or continue with another 3 months.
I saw this with a prospective client and buddy of mine. Rather than going with legitimate, sustainable SEO with me, he chose an Indian $200/mo SEO company that is blasting his site with Private Blog Network (PBN) links. And I am not going to lie – it is working VERY well right now. I was honest with him – told him that the SEO company is significantly helping his site right now, but at what cost long term? No one will ever know until that dreaded manual action comes knocking on the door.

ElizabethYoungdH5 ✍️
It's all about longevity, yes he may rank good today, but he possibly leaves the door open for a competitor.


Would be nice if they'd stop but it's very unlikely. It's a lot harder to get a client to understand that they'll need to pay you for a year plus in order to see good results. Everyone wants immediate results and many aren't going to take the time to understand what's involved. So when someone comes along that tells them what they wanna hear, that they can see instant results, they're much more willing to believe it and sign onboard.

ElizabethYoungdH5 ✍️
Age is a factor

911 HOW THE "F" DO YOU GET CLIENTS??? I'm a certified SEO expert by LinkedIn indeed and Fiverr as well as SEMrush who has ranked his own SEO agency above all others in New York and I have 0 clients to speak of for MONTHS!!! I'm late on rent (3 months now), I've been a web developer for SEO companies before and SEO specialist and once I started freelancing and doing my own work, I have a problem of getting high paying clients!!! HKW THE EFF DO YOU GET CLIENTS? Btw. I need to get my first house hacking property and first car (I don't have a license yet) ASAP!!!! PLEASE HELP ME I'm going to repast this comment into everyone's comment who has SEO clients because not only am I a fcking stupid mf but I also am broke AF computer science gap year student to pursue this dream

ElizabethYoungdH5 ✍️
Well first take a deep breath… There are tons of resources out there to help you with your scales dilemmas. You'll probably need to adjust your process and how you go about prospecting clients. Think about if you dedicated 8 hours a day to prospecting like you would at a regular job how much money you could make

If a potential client doesn't understand the value and quality of good SEO then try your best to explain it without scare tactics. If they still don't see the value then they are not a good client and it is good to walk away.
Not to mention if you ever do break down and lower your value to meet the clients unrealistic budget then you are both going to be in for a bad time.
1 – the client will always push for even more work then you agreed to which puts you in even worse causing resentment and a continual decline in the level of quality effort you put forth.
2 -You create a lose / lose situation. You will not be able to afford to put the time needed to create the results and when you don't see the results the client will be upset and think thank god I didn't pay them what they wanted to begin with.
Granted we all have to eat and sometimes you have take lumps on budgets and time but the more effort and patience you have in curating the right client the longer and happier your partnership will be.
Actually, some things are overnight. Can't say there aren't overnight fixes. What do I mean? Rendering issues, robots.txt issues, blocking resources. These kind of things.
But if we're talking about building reputation from scratch then sometimes it takes time. That said, Google could care less what your domain is, and how old your site is. If you do things correctly then you can rank relatively easily. Problem is, doing things correctly is not as easy as it sounds.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long time investment and a longtime gain. I use to tell my clients that the result start from 6months upward. If you feel you can't be patience enough or you think it's a waste of money then go for people that will make your website blacklist by Google.
Out of 10 clients, at least 2 will try my service and I do send the result to others later. Some of them do come back when they see result.


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