Someone wanted to Sell SEO to its Competitors who Derank on the SERP. How dare do you propose that to your competitors?

I outranked my competition for "web design (city)" and I'm sitting on #2. I will probably not move to #1 as that brand is too established and their brand name is basically the keyword.
Anyway, I'm really in need of additional income and I was thinking of contacting every agency from #3 to #10 and tell them I outranked them and they would be interested in hiring me to help them with their client SEO
Do you guys have any suggestions?
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Akram » Lindsay

People don't care about rankings they want leads, call and enquires. Even if they are 3-6th they will pick up clicks, your focus should be those on page 2-4.

Medina ✍️ » Johnson
Ok, well I'm not trying to sell them my site or anything. My idea is to convince them to hire me to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their clients
Johnson » Manny
Same rules apply.
Medina ✍️
I don't understand, but I got an idea. I can easily get good leads on Facebook. I can call other agencies and ask them if they want to partner up and I provide leads for their clients.

I wouldn't do that. Why not upsell clients with review management, monthly analytics reports in easy to understand video clips etc.

Medina ✍️ » Jeffrey
I already do review management, but passively through a WordPress plugging I created.
You send a customer your link. This page ask you to rate the service from 1 to 5 stars.
Anything other than 5, gets them to a page where they submit their suggestions to improve.
5 star ratings are asked to share their review on Google.
My clients get mostly 5 star ratings this way and they have hundreds of them.
Wouter » Medina
Is this plug-in publicly available? I'd be interested in using it
Medina ✍️ » Wouter
Not yet, as it is it requires code modification for every client.

My advice would be to take no advice from anyone on here and not even have ask the question in the first place. Do what YOU want to do, don't listen to anybody else! Does it hurt you if you apply to that company or ANY other one? No. Does your website act as kind of a resume, maybe, and if not, make more websites or do some work for FREE to build up your portfolio. Apply where ever you want, keep trying your own thing at the same time, just keep trying in general, its the only way you can get the result you want. Good luck and wish you the best!

Medina ✍️ » Morris
Of course, I didn't ask whether I should do it. I asked for tips on doing it better.
I already have a portfolio. Both on SEO and Facebook Advertising.

You could rent your site for a monthly fee, or a fee per lead. It's called rank and rent. This would be way more lucrative than doing direct SEO and you could start building the next site (similar keywords, different city).

Medina ✍️ » Zoë
I'm already working on that. I also have a few clients I have ranked. But I need a quick infusion of cash and I'm looking at all my options. I'm also pre launching a product.

"Web design (city)" is not exactly a difficult keyword to rank for, unless maybe its for NY City or LA . Otherwise "city" aka local keywords are Very Easy to rank for relative to their global counterparts, i.e. "Website design". If your city is Bumpchuck Nebraska what a population of 20,000, I wouldn't brag about it too much.
Meanwhile, if you ever get on just the first page for "website design".. NOW, you have something to brag about!

Medina ✍️ » Kevin
Sure, and you missed the point. I outranked them.
Kevin » Medina
I found knocking out old competitors locally is relatively easy.. globally on the other hand,…is a different story
But, still impressive to rank locally
Congratulations Medina
knowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually doing it and ranking keywords on the first page of Google, which is exactly what you have done.
You outranked some guys that have been ranking for that keyword before you found it and eventually knocked them off their usual spot.
That's some milestone there. Give yourself a pat on the back.
You have done well.
And yes, you could make some $$ by onboarding those beneath you on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the same keyword as clients by helping them outrank your own website.
You are above them already and that's enough proof to show you can do it.
You basically replicate what you did on your own website on theirs.
However, if I were you, I would simply put in more effort to outrank the guy on #1 to get more visibility.
Get contacted by those looking to hire web designers in the dominated location and design sexy websites for some $$ – if you know how to design websites.
If you don't, there are lots of free resources on YT to learn from. What you need is time.
Put in the work.
While you learn, you can outsource on market places like Fiverr, upwork etc for a fraction of the fee you charge your client.
You will have a web design agency in no time if you take this very seriously.
I will be here if you need anything.
I wish you success,


You said you're good at FB ads… Why not use your ad buying skills to get leads for your own business?
Ranking for web design+city is not super hard, and it's obviously not very lucrative considering you're #2 and you're looking for ways to make quick cash.
If you don't have any cash to spend on ads for your business, I think the fastest way to shake the money tree is to provide a ton of value in FB groups, Reddit, and other places when biz owners hang out. Just join the convo, give value, and people will start to hit you up asking for help.
We've been doing Google ads for the past couple years and it's been the single most consistent source of qualified leads. But if you're starting out and don't have a lot of cash to invest, helping people and engaging with them is a good way to get leads.

Medina ✍️ » Colbert
I'm not starting out, I've been doing this for a while. I do get leads from FB Ads, but it usually takes months for them to convert.
For our clients, it's FB Ads that gets us the most leads at the cheapest, Google Ads don't even compare.
Although we do get great leads from organic rankings.
Colbert » Medina
That's good. Yeah, I agree there's nothing like the volume from FB ads. There are plenty of affiliate networks who will buy your leads. Lots of performance marketers do this. So there's always that.
We're paying about $110 per lead via Google Ads (for agency services) at the moment, using target Certified Public Accountant (CPA) bidding. We have the budget set to $600 per day, for our own leads, but rarely does Google spend the whole budget.
I was just trying to think of ways for you to get some quick cash. Google ads has been a big win. Yeah, the lead cost is higher than FB, but the overall ROAS is way better, at least for us.
You mentioned getting other agencies to white label their ad buying to you. If you have a proven track record of performance, this should be easy. When I hire ad buyers the main thing I look for is how much they are spending, as that's arguably more important to me than the results. If they are managing say, $100k per month across 2-3 clients, that could be a good hire. If they are doing say, $15k p/m across 10 clients, it's not someone I would look at, since they wouldn't be able to handle the spend in our ad accounts. Everyone is different though. I'm an ad buyer myself so someone who isn't in the trenches might not have the same metrics as I do.
Medina ✍️ » Colbert
When I hire, I care the most about their mindset. Everything else I can teach them how to do it.
Colbert » Medina
Cool man.. Sounds like you got it covered then!
Ryan » Colbert
Mind if i ask, the best resources/course on Google ads? or from where to begin? I recently purchased a course on udemy but it was basic with alot of outdated information.
Colbert » Ryan
I wish I could point you in the right direction. G Ads is a lot different now than in the past. I don't know of a specific course but I can tell you the basic format for all of our campaigns.
1. Make sure you have conversions being tracked and recorded in analytics and Google Ads. Sync analytics with your ad account.
2. Use target Certified Public Accountant (CPA) bidding with phrase match keywords. If you don't have a ton of data recorded, make sure your bid is high enough to allow the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn. You might have to spend some cash to let the AI figure it out.
3. If you are taking over an account that is not using target CPA, you can often get an easy win just by switching to target CPA and bidding a little bit less than the current CPA in the ad group.
4. Dial in landing pages, use DKI if possible. Make sure your pages are set up to convert and not just look pretty.
5. Keep a running list of negative keywords. Check the search term report daily/every couple days and use phrase match on the negatives.
6. If you're doing ecom, bid-adjust decrease on desktop by 60-90%, bid-adjust increase on mobile 10-20%. If B2B, go the opposite direction if it makes sense.
That's what has been working in my world. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)


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