Someone Else Deleted My GMB. Google Answered Me to Create a New Listing. They Can Reinstate the Reviews Once Verified

Our Google My Biz (GMB) vanished, no suspension nothing just gone. I submitted a reinstatement form and Google is saying we deleted it. We did not delete it. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone and what was the outcome? Can they reinstate the profile? We had over 100 reviews.
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This happens when a competitor gets control of it, and then deletes it.
The system is deeply flawed.

Anthony Β» Edward
This. Check your Gmail to see if there were any emails regarding someone requesting ownership of your listing. If you don't respond to those to deny them, Google grants ownership to the requestor after a few days and they can Remove your listing. If this is the case, contact Google immediately and ask to reinstate.
I have also had listings disappear without any trace on occasion, tho usually they're new/unverified ones and Google's spam algo decided it hated them. Nothing to do but recreate.
If Google can't/won't reinstate the listing, there's unfortunately nothing left to do but start over.
Marie ✍️ » Edward
Thank you for your response. We have no emails for ownership request. Is there other ways the competitor could have gotten it removed without a suspension first? No emails about a suspension or ownership request just gone. The page was a law firm and we just lost an employee to a competitor so this makes sense….
Edward Β» Marie
Could said employee have made himself an owner, or kept your logins?
I would go back to Google (Replying to their mail that stated you had deleted it, and ask what they are saying.
When they say you 'deleted it' are they saying from your Google Business Profile (GBP) page manager, or tht it was 'deleted' from Google, because I have had a mountain of a job getting 2 illegally created GBPGMB) actually deleted.
When you search for the business is it appearing in search or has it just gone from your control panel?
Marie ✍️ » Edward
Ok. No it's no longer available in search or maps.
Edward Β» Marie
Reply to the last email from Google then and ask them for clarification stating that nobody requested deletion, and asking if they can re-instate .
Feel free to message me or post here if you need any more help πŸ™‚
Marie ✍️ » Edward
You are awesome, I appreciate it so much!

Andrew Huskinson πŸŽ“πŸŽ©
Once a Google Business Profile (GBP) is established in search you cannot remove the entry in Googles server. Only remove the entry from showing in search for a normal 'business category near location' search. Or mark it as 'Permanently Closed' where it can still be found for 'due diligence' purposes I suppose for 'business name and address'. And that after I complained that third party data still out there needs somewhere to merge to that 'Permanently Closed' option was added. Even so I found my old third party data was attaching to similar nearby businesses 5 years later. Some lapse and others I had to reach out to kill. The reviews live in a different bit of the database and seem to get deleted after a few weeks if no live GBP. So you need to check regularly your listing is found for the first search above. If its not showing a claimed listing you need to sort the problem out so it shows. If you promptly contact Google they can re-attach seperated Reviews to a recovered search visible GBP

Marie ✍️ » Andrew Huskinson
Thank you for your response. Any idea or tips on how I could find the listing? I have a maps url and the CID # ….

Srinath πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Andrew Huskinson
is right. One cannot permanently delete a Google Business Profile (GBP) (except only Google with a Court order that Google will adhere to) A ruthless competitor as mentioned by Edward possibly has gotten hold of and either deliberately got it suspended, changed to a far-off Service Area Business (SAB), or changed the GBP name and category rendering it almost useless. It's only deleted from your GBP Dashboard. The best option is to use a maps search script and attempt to prise out the GBP site, GBP posts, reviews and the GBP itself since it is hidden deep in Google's belly.

Marie ✍️ » Srinath
Thank you, I am sending you a Direct Message (DM)
Srinath πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Marie
Ok. Let us know if and when you get back the GBP. Interested to see how this pans out.

Marie ✍️
*update* Google called me and said to create a new listing and they would transfer the reviews once verified. It only gave me the postcard verification option so we have to wait to receive that. They followed up their call with an email and said to respond once our new listing was verified. Thanks everyone for your help I'll update once we verify if reviews are transferred 🀞🏻 edited to add it's been exactly 1 week since I first contacted Google about the issue.
Updating for anyone who might experience this; Received postcard and as soon as I verified it they suspended the new profile. I had to resubmit a reinstatement form. A day later they reinstated the new profile and I emailed asking for reviews to be transferred. I just received the email that reviews will be transferred from old profile, it will take 24 hours. We have 43 as of now, Orginally had over 100… I am curious to see if they all transfer over.


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