Some Experts said they Update Posts on Google My Business GMB Weekly to Keep SEO Power

I've seen posts from experts saying they update posts on Google My Business (GMB) weekly. So.. would it hurt to post 3 times a week?
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It all depends. There is a lot of clever strategy involving GMB these days. If you're not generating engagement on those posts there's no point in posting often. If you are generating engagement on those posts then turn it up. Can you tell what the real factor is by now? Engagement. I believe you can post all you want but if nobody's engaging it will do zero for you. Furthermore it is typical that engagement will also lead on site user experience factors which further the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefit. Some clever tricks include sending people from your site to your GMB posts perhaps upon a form fill confirmation this then leads to hopefully some more engagement on your GMB profile itself. You can even send some backlinks at your GMB post or profile in general is preferred. But this will depend on how well you have done with your backlink acquisition and making sure that the article linking is a very relevant article that gets relevant traffic this will lead to engagement because it's relevant. Are you picking up on all the keywords here? Seeing what it's really all about? There are so many more tricks just Google away. There's a lot of other specialized GMB groups on Facebook that are pretty good as well they get a little black hat but it's okay. I would say I never go black but I got a little gray in me so I keep my ear to the ground also by staying in all those groups. If you have done any nap citation work then you might send some of those directories at your GMB profile also. Since a lot of times those directories really don't generate much traffic, and are simply for trust flow, you'll have to find one of the ones that do. But here again big picture SEO you can send back Links at some of your hot directory listings and if they're also then pointing at your GMB profile more user engagement at the Brand level. Heck you can even let a press release rip with some do follow links hitting your GMB profile so long as you also have designed a nice article cluster with the featured link being the master page of the article cluster. Interlinking strategy is yet another SEO technique that you shall have to be good at in order to do all this. Write down to anchor text strategy as well. I would research gmbseo right from Google. I would also hunt down every gmbseo group you can on Facebook. Not saying everything you're going to find in those groups is going to be good but some stuff will be. I have come to see this group as a bit more in general whereas other Google My Business (GMB) groups are very specialized and ran by one particular so-called guru. But like I said you will pick up on some good stuff too.

Allisa Β» Daniel
Are there any GMB groups you'd recommend over the others?
Daniel Β» Allisa
Not really I mean I think it's best to join as many groups as you can in general and then weed them out if not so good. But if you want to go really black hat or very technical, Jones is pretty good.
Google My Business SEO Audit | Water Damage & Restoration Company (Local SEO)
Daniel Β» Allisa
As evidenced by the fact that when you go to YouTube and seatch gmbseo local he is on the first page right there with some big names like Neil Patel. That is one way to kind of qualify or vet whatever guru LED group you're in.
Allisa Β» Daniel
Lol that's a fantastic point!

Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©
Hey there,
There's no need to post more than once per week.
Google is known to pull a snippet from posts into the three pack for associated keywords upon search, from your post.
If you post multiple times in a 7-Day timespan, this is less likely to happen, as you're changing the focus of the most recent post too frequently.
I also sincerely doubt customers need to be updated about what services you offer 3x per week.
Stop being impatient with your SEO results. 52 posts a year is just fine
YM Sia
My friend's biz profile which I did once and never posted anything after the setup. You got to understand why people and how they access GMB in the first place. They are looking for directions, the operating timing etc. Reading post? I'm not sure. Posts for users isn't the website's job?


some experts said they update posts on google my business gmb weekly to keep seo power

Daniel Β» YM Sia
No no, Google My Business (GMB) post is definitely a supplemental. But it's not about the post itself. It's about whether or not you know how to get those posts to receive user engagement. You can call it brand level engagement. And your GMB post should not simply just be a post that you wrote on your GMB profile. It should be linked and connected with many other things to help bolster its power. To help bring relevant users that will engage. Those are the two key words relevance and engagement is what it's really about. I believe you can post 10 times a day but if no one is engaging you are doing nothing. I have a long reply earlier that explains a few different tricks but there are many.
Rienzi Mosqueda Β» YM Sia
Exactly! It's a complete joke to try generate engagements on GMB posts and preach about how important it is. Lol.


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