SEO in Local Adult Entertainment with Locational Targeting

Hay guys
I would love some feedback & help! I own an adult entertainment agency based in Australia and I cover 3 states of Australia in which we offer services (mainly bucks party waitresses and show girls)
My main locations are – Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. (about to start on New Zealand SEO
My website has 14 locations across Australia and 2 main categories I need to rank for giving me around 20 top pages that I need to rank for.
I do all of my own SEO. I write my content with Surfer SEO, its optimised with H1,2,3 headings the correct keywords & keyword density at around 2000 words per page. I have spent a LOT of time on my content.
Photos all have descriptions, alt txt. Each URL has the same focus keyword and meta descriptions contain focus keywords.
I have into the millions of backlinks in total, (a lot more than my competitors) I also have a lot of external blog posts.
I have 2 pages of well written blogs with hyperlinks
The website pages all have internal and external Links to multiple pages
My website is 7 years old however when I rebuilt it one year ago I accidentally forgot to To do 301 redirects and broke some of my links loosing 6 years of amazing SEOπŸ™ which I was ranking top 3 positions. So I have been working hard since then to regain traction.
My Google My Biz (GMB) was disabled with over 65 amazing reviews so I have also had to start that from scratch again along with my IG deleted at 5000 followers πŸ™
The website also has local citations in one area which I have the business address listed (I'm unsure if I should add citations to all of the other areas I service? Will this damage my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I am still struggling to get a higher placement … please take a look at my site and give me your feedback and anything else I can do to improve my current rankings
I have added a screenshot as FB will remove my home page link due to the nature of the business (adult content)
I use SEM rush position tracking – I have attached my ranking stats (which isn't too bad but could be much better)
I use WP bakery builder and I have designed most of my pages myself using a template my developer initially did up. So i have a very good understanding and knowledge of how to build pages, add team members profiles, blogs etc.
9 πŸ‘πŸ½1 😒10
20 πŸ’¬πŸ—¨
seo in local adult entertainment with locational targeting

I am actually a competitor to you in this industry as I do the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for wicked bucks who competes with go real escapes and in the bucks Industry so I need to be careful here.
Personally I think your content is good but it is a bit mixed up. You have started by locational targeting on your home page but you then loose the locational targeting from gold coast to then go to say you service all these areas. From a robot point of view it would be very hard to categorise your content under 1 location. I wouldn't target your home page locational unless you service 1 location. Have individual location pages. Make your home page content target your industry and have internal links to your location pages. Have your location viewable on your gmb (i checked there is no physical address), build citations and Google My Biz (GMB) locations for each of the states you service. Then get locational relative backlinks to your location pages to boost these up to pass through he value to the pages you want locational variations too. I wouldn't have external links on your home page to go real escapes as you are passing all the value around waitresses and bucks to them. It is ok to say they are a partner but don't external link from your homepage use a blog or an inner page to highlight partnerships. You also don't need to have Google maps interactive, as long as your locations with addresses are listed this will work the same and be a quicker load time. Hopefully that will help you out. Your site has a good user experience so you tick those boxes.

Huxley ✍️ » Jared
Oh my gosh thank you! This is super helpful and much appreciated πŸ™ what a small world! A very good friend of mine provides the girls for wicked bucks (although we are competitors most of us agency's work as a team) and nadine from real escapes also my good friend πŸ™‚ but that's great to know I don't need external links from home page.
Obviously I was going off my AIO SEO recommendations to externally link for a higher scoring with my SEO so I will disregard that and I'll adjust my home page. I was unsure how I should structure my home page and what keywords to use so I focused on adult entertainment and tried to incorporate keywords that surfer SEO had recommended..
This is so helpful I will do an overhaul on my home page and see what you think when I'm done βœ”οΈ lol. If that's ok πŸ™‚ then I'll start building citations for my other areas
With my GMB I tried to take the location off because it was showing a map with a home address which I can't have 😩 I can't seem to change the photo either. It wouldn't allow me to do anything so the map was displaying then I removed it.
Also what does "locational relative backlinks" mean? Would this be links from other sites in the same location as the page I am passing the links too?? Just so I have my head around that lol πŸ˜‚
Jared Β» Huxley
Yes small world haha I thought you would probably know them.
Your home page is your most powerful page. So external links won't help on your home page. Generally external links are fine in blogs and other pages to show further context or information.
Just focus your home page like you have done but make it into clear sections. You have the right keywords just structure it a bit better. Clear heading don't spam your headings choose 1 keyword.
You can use a rental address if you don't have an office. But showing your address will help. As all your citations will be referenced against your Google my business to see if it is correct.
You should be able to add more images to your Google my business as the owner and ask your customers to take some also. But Google my business can generate a heap of local traffic so it is defs worth getting your gmb optimised.
Like If you are trying to rank for sunshine Coast. You want to try get some backlinks from that area, that the website focuses on that location like Sunshine Coast tourism. The density and authority on Sunshine Coast getting an article posted on that site and linking back to your Sunshine Coast page. It will be highly locational relevant. Then in turn passing through that locational context to your desired pages. I.e Sunshine Coast waitresses etc..
Huxley ✍️ » Jared
Oh amazing I understand now 100% thank you! πŸ™ you are a legend! I'll have to start reaching out to some good sites relevant to each area with a good Domain Authority (DA) & Traffic I'm assuming to attempt on gaining more link juice πŸ§ƒ πŸ™
I will change the home page next week once Easter wknd is over and aim to target "bucks party strippers" as I think it may be the most common search phrase without a location
and hopefully it will make a difference..
Yeah I have a rental address but I didn't want customers thinking it's an open venue as I get heaps of calls from people thinking we are a strip club that's why I removed the addy. Also if I had citations to the other locations I service like Sydney for example it's not going to match the addres right? So won't that have a negative impact?
I have heaps of pics on my GMB account, hundreds. I just can't seem to use one for the home display pic even though I have selected a cover photo etc. it just automatically displays a map or blank image unlike the other agencies that scow a pic of a girl etc
Jared Β» Huxley
Yeah spend time finding more relevant and complimentary websites for backlinks. Make sure they are do follow if you can.
I think you could cover all the variations of different event based strippers not just that one alone. Adult entertainment, waitresses, the actual type of shows probably have higher sale intent.
You will need a seperate address I.e Sydney. And build citations to that etc.. correct you wouldn't just use the 1 address you would need to open 1 for each location.
I would just keep playing around with it. But specify in your description you are not a strip club. Local traffic is a market close to home so it is worth trying to get it going. Also make sure you reply to gmb reviews and make sure it is more then 1 sentence your reply.
Huxley ✍️ » Jared
Thank you πŸ™ yes I honestly went overboard with my content on my strip shows etc. most agencies offer a handful and that's it. Iv actually set out 3 states with show descriptions, pricing and the names they are referred to by. Compared to other sites iv done soooo much more content wise and trying to be more informative ..
I always reply to reviews 100%. I'm
Just having so much trouble trying to actually get people to write them
I'll need to source an address for every location to use by the sounds of it lol. There goes 56 hours of my year Haha πŸ˜‚ that's helpful though thank you very much I honestly really appreciate the time you have taken to reply it's not often people are welling to reach out. If there is anything I can do for you in the future please let me know * I'm happy to provide some links for your clients by posting blogs or anything that my assist you in your business πŸ™
Boshoff Β» Jared
Is spot on. You need gmbs with reviews and citations for every location. This has become a lot more impactful in the last 3 years following a few local SEO algo updates .

Hi, I've worked as an SEO and copywriter in the adult sector for around 20 years. Have you checked your speed compared to competitors? Those WP builders can be quite bloated and slow you down. I also agree with Jared, watch out sending too much weight away from your homepage with external links. Local links are a must yes. Have you also tried checking out any expired domains that may already have great local links to the areas you want to rank for? They may be more relevant than you think, and you can always tweak your content.

Huxley ✍️ » Ian
Hey Ian thank you for your message πŸ™ my speed was great last audit I did with Ubersuggest but I have had a couple of other audits reading long loading times .. is there another site i could use to monitor my site speeds? I'm trying to cut back on monthly subscriptions to everything lol πŸ˜‚ I also moved to site ground hosting as I did some research and found out they have the most optimal loading times apparently
In regards to expired domains what do you mean? Sorry I'm just trying to understand completely how to go about the suggestion
Yes Huxley I would probably do something about your speed. Sort out the caching and oversized JS etc. It should speed things up. Consider what you are using to compress image size too
Huxley ✍️ » Ian
Thank you πŸ™ I had this done a while back, all of the ccs files needed to be minifyed so I had that done and my speeds on desktop and mobile were all sitting in a really high speed rate. Maybe since iv uploaded more profiles (staff photos) etc it has slowed it down again. I'll get onto that Asap thank you again!!

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