Off-Page SEO Value of Backlinks from CopyPasted Pages

They stole our copy. Yes, they gave us a link, but that's our copy. Looks like their whole site is stolen. What do you all do about this? Does it matter? I'm assuming Google still pays attention to date of publication and gives the original author credit. Yes?
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off page seo value of backlinks from copypasted pages

Google is ramping update their webpage spam update this week. Hopefully they'll get taken down quick!

It's not spam though.
Micha » Mike
Yes, it's spam.
Ian » Micha
Maybe he meant it as a typo?
Like not "just" spam?
I used an umbrella term, assuming it was understood generally under Google's webmaster guidelines—maybe I should've shot the anchor link here or something pointing to what you're talking about, idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Regardless, spam, sht content or stolen, follow Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) when you're creating it and you should be GTG.
Note: I guess I could see why they called it the "webspam update" so they could use an all-encompassing word that covers unwanted behavior by bad actors.
In the past updates launched under this name, they'll usually say, "we're trying hard to find scraped content etc. and prevent spammy content."
My bad, you're right. It's more than that. Hopefully, they update whatever is in their systems to detect scraped content early.
Mike » Ian
I doubt that will happen. They don't mind scraped content.
Ian » Mike
It's funny when they claim their main customer is the "end-user" as they try to serve "high quality" content as their core mission.
There's some truth to it, but still.
Yet today, I almost got a virus on my comp from an SEO poisoned site that was ranking #1.
They really need to step their sht up when it comes to these bad actors/security issues out there.

Nah. Google does not care one bit who published something first. They will rank the most authoritative version of the page.
I would talk to an attorney. You may be in line for some compensation from them due to copyright infringement. That or just file a DMCA with them, their web host, and Google. All 3. The web host will take the site down if they don't remove it, assuming it is hosted in a country where DMCA is enforceable. Google will remove it from the SERPs.
Kathy ✍️
This article was primarily written to beef up the store category page. That's really the rank I care about. Maybe I should write them and tell them if they link to the store page instead, I won't file a DMCA.


Truslow 🎓
Okay… a few things are in play here. Firstly… I'm not sure I'd worry much about that. Content Syndication has been around since long before the Internet and it's not uncommon – and it's not something that is punished by Google. In fact, I'd have someone with some expertise in analysis take a look. It's quite possible that this is helping SEO more than it's hurting.
Now… in terms of the law – it may be hard to get it taken down. The law is very vague – and it varies greatly from country to country.
On the basis of spam, you may have a hard time getting Google to do much about it either. They did change a few headings, but everything else looks the same – unless you changed yours after they posted. They have not cluttered it up with spammy affiliate links. It's hard to say what they'd do in that regard. Probably not much. As a copyright complaint, you might have something.
If you want to go forward to try to get it down… I might take the "honey approach" – and see if you can leverage it even more. Say that you notice they are reprinting your articles and you appreciate the link at the end, but if they want to do that – they are not allowed to edit the content of the article. Tell them they are welcome to use it if the following requirements are fulfilled:
1) The article must not be altered or abbreviated – if they want to publish it, they must publish the entire article – including any links you may have within the article.
2) In addition to the "Source" link – you want a proper by-line with the author and original site brand name included.
Demand #1 ensures that they link to your money items and not just putting in the informational content. If they value the content – they'll value it as a whole, including the products you want to sell. Granted, this will likely be a deal breaker for them and they'll say, "Screw it, we'll take it off," but that's what you wanted in the first place. BUT – if they are willing to dole out links to your money pages – KACHING.
Demand #2 helps establish your author entity. There's great debate over the value of this right now, but I'm entirely convinced that author credibility is fairly important. Your brand is an accepted valuable entity to establish by all – the face(s) behind the brand, IMO, are equally important.
Again… chances are they will not go for this, but if they do – then you turn this "content theft" issue into a "syndicated content that drives revenue and potential SEO value." If they don't want to meet your requirements – ask them to remove the content or you'll be forced to file a DMCA complaint against them.
That's how I would approach it, anyway. When I see someone trying to take advantage of me, rather than getting upset, I try to see what I can do to level the field. They aren't taking advantage of me anymore if we're both gaining something. They're getting some good informational content for their site and you're getting your products (and brand) promoted and marketed. <shrug> If they don't want to play nice – THEN break out the guns.

Kathy ✍️ » Truslow
Shoot. Saw this too late.

Google will rank multiple copies of the same content in some queries. They might place your site above the scraper or not.
You can file a DMCA takedown request with the Web hosting company and the search engines. Just be sure you can prove your case with pictures and links to archives.
You could also live with the link. You're most likely (99.9999%) not going to be penalized for it.
FYI, I've seen a lot of posts recently in the MediaVine FB group as well as others. Lots of people have this issue. I can't help but wonder if this happening even more than before.
The general approach is file file a DMCA takedown request with Google (I've done this a handful of times) to get the URLs in question de-indexed. You can also pursue DMCA claims with the hosting company and their ad network if they're using ads. I've heard 2 people say that got a site de-monetized due to copying/stealing content.


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