Mention an AutoPilot Business! People Prefer Adsense Rather Than Do Affiliate or Sell Services!

Are you running your own site that makes you money on autopilot, if so how long did it take to make that first dollar?
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I run my own ecommerce drop shipping site and the sales started coming in pretty instantaneously. I'm not sure exactly how long it took to get my first sale since I did a rolling launch, but I cleared over $10k in sales my first month in operation.

I sell drones and drone accessories – [Link] (

Gaurav117 ✍️
Awesome… I am pretty interested in this model and plan to launch one of my own. So how did you market yourself that made you see this huge figure almost instantly…?

Organic search has helped a lot. I'm pulling in ~1000 impressions with ~10 clicks/day. The way that Magento is structured makes it so that most of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taken care of for you. You just have to label everything consistently. Aside from that, I have an active following on Instagram with nearly 4,000 followers, so it definitely helps that my site is responsive. I usually reach out to people who have an impressive Instagram feed, but who I know by their feed don't have an aerial photography platform, then I'll reach out to them with a pitch. Have closed a few sales this way. So far I've been investing all profits back into advertisements on adwords and ad retargetting through adroll in an attempt to completely automate the sales process. I have yet to find the sweet spot, but I feel like I'm getting closer. Like someone else in this thread said, there is typically a lot of hard, smart work up front, but this pays off by (ideally) having an automated income stream coming out the back.

Just take a look at Clickbank. There are literally thousands of people that do this everyday. Some of which are very profitable.
Yes, you will have to do a lot of work upfront but you can often outsource much of the work.
It really depends what side of affiliate marketing you are on. Are you a product creator or promoter.
You can also go with physical products using Amazon FBA.
I'm not too sure about being on autopilot but you don't have to work on it everyday. One of our client's creates trading algorithms. He works on his site a few days out the month. He does a webinar about once a month that drives traffic to his site.
He licensed some algorithms that he offers as a free download in exchange for your contact information. In his particular case, he made about 5K after his first webinar. He did have to build a relationship with the software provider. I'm not sure how long it took him to get to that point.

The people who do well selling the products on clickbank are not using autopilot. They had to work to get the traffic.
I'm assuming that most of the people that use clickbank have built traffic, it's not converting, they got kicked out of Adsense or they are trying to squeeze additional revenue out of their sites.
Gaurav117 ✍️
Thanks for the feedback, but my question relates to Adsense..


I have a few sites that bring me in 2-4k per month (and growing every month) that operate completely on auto pilot… Well, not COMPLETELY, I have a 20 minute meeting with my Virtual Assistant (VA)s once a week.
I feel bad for those in this thread saying it's not possible. It's all about setting up a system and finding good, reliable, people to work for you.
I'm not at this point yet, but my friend has a system set up that pumps out auto pilot sites. He just tells his project manager what type of site he wants built and 6-7 months later the site is making him an income.

What stops the project manager from starting this own competition site and run him out of business?

Because he lacks the knowledge. That's like asking why Warren Buffet's assistant doesn't run him out of business. I have a handful of websites that have been running on autopilot for over 8 years. I also have a list of over 500 websites I made over the years that made nothing. You need to know how to find and chose the right niche. Just like stocks. It looks easy to an outsider because there's not much manual labor involved but when someone is making money online there is (almost) always at least a few hundred hours of research invested.
Yup, this exactly. It's taken me a few years of grinding and failing to get to where I'm at, and than a few hundred hours to get the processes down to building profitable websites. Only recently have I completely removed myself from the process.

I have a site that I haven't touched in three years that makes $300 or so a year. So it's definitely possible. It took a year to rank in health/wellness; monetized with Amazon Affiliates.

Gaurav117 ✍️
Awesome… Health and wellness is definitely a very competitive niche. Surprised that you managed to rank it only in an year.

It was very niche. The forum was my main competitor for #1, but still good search volumes.

I was reading on a popular Internet forum about people who make a livable income off of affiliate sites. I implemented what they were doing over the course of three weeks on a website. Haven't touched it since. In the forum it talked about allowing four months to pass to tell if the niche has potential.
After four months I made around $100 and that has been a consistent monthly income for a few months. Now I'm working to find new niches, build more sites and eventually add content to the old ones. It won't exactly be passive since I'll need to add new content and maintain the site but it's nice checking what items I sold every morning and knowing that it's possible to increase my monthly income with hard work.

I tried that and then my state of Missouri passed a law outlawing Affiliate sites income so Amazon shut me off.
I had a couple of sites going, but most of them are down now because I got into financial troubles. I sure could use some help at getting into having a site autopay me. I can't afford to hire people so I do all of the work by myself. I'm on disability.

Can you work for other affiliate programs or are they all banned where you are?
They are all banned.
What about ad revenue methods like Adsense?
Adsense rejected me when I applied.
Wow and I keep hearing everyday how Australia is a police state. How did this law even pass?
I don't know our governor is a Democrat. He seems to have something against earning income over the Internet for Missouri and had laws passed against it.

Gaurav117 ✍️
True.. Even I was running a site. Made it almost 1.5 years back. Simply after 2 months of working with only 8 articles on it, completely left the site because started focusing on other stuff. It doesn't even rank on 1st page but is helping me earn some money. Thus coming to your point, if i can earn money by not doing anything then imagine much will i earn if I am on it, day and night.

I run about 15-20 sites of varying sizes that make money in different ways.
My thoughts.
Once you have established the correct business processes it can be on autopilot, I.e you just monitor metrics. But its far from easy. And I don't mean 40 50 bucks a month. I mean like a real income. And not just big revenue numbers.
Online is business so you have to spot opportunities, gaps in supply and demand. In the early days of the internet this was easy due to the novelty and lack of competition
Frankly, I'm a non believer of purely affiliate/middleman models and like to build real world businesses that online feeds through sales. This is harder but long term far more solid.
If you have learned the whole process from ranking Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), getting healthy Click Through Rate (CTR), a healthy cr and train people who will do the leg work its do able.
All parts are tricky though, so you have to invest a lot in training yourself.
No book for 47$ will teach you that. Years of committed hard work will though.

Gaurav117 ✍️
Rightly said

I have a typing test site that has made over $3000 this year, and getting better each month. It took 6 months before I had any traffic from Google, that is when I started making a few bucks. Then it kind of exploded – In the last year I have fixed a typo, other than that the only thing I do is check my Adsense earnings to make sure nothing crazy is going on.
Edit – All income is AdSense, tried Certified Public Accountant (CPA), but hands off is better for me.

Gaurav117 ✍️
Hey that's awesome… so i guess your site is more of a software… would you like to share it.

Yeah, you could call it software. The site is


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