Let Me Know Your Rate per Word, Country of Origin, Order a Short Test Article!

The Summary of Discussion 2: Where Can I Get a Good Article Writer for 3 Cents or Cheaper per Word?
Where can I get a good article writer for $0.03/word or less?
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You can, in fact you can probably find free content if you try – just be mindful of "you get what you pay for".
Might want to be a bit more specific about what you're looking for:
A writer who writes about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A writer that can write anything, but with SEO in mind?
Just someone who can put words on a page including the term "SEO
A writer that takes content and stuffs "SEO terms" into it?
A writer who is an experienced SEO

Aronu ✍️ » Peter
A writer that can write anything with SEO in mind.

Yup. If they don't know their own worth πŸ˜‰ And there are quite a few of those around, from third world countries (like mine).

Vikram Β» Arindam
Third world countries is an insulting term to use. You can use developing countries.
Arindam Β» Vikram
I am sorry if I offended you or hurt your sensibilities (I mean it) , but what I find truly offensive are politically correct, roundabout and downright condescending ways of stating things. Like 'developing countries' or 'differently abled' and so on.
And btw, a 'differently abled' FB friend of mine openly expressed her disgust and wrote that she was disabled and that was the long and short of it – and living her life with self-respect – no need for that differently abled crap.
Vikram Β» Arindam
You did not hurt my sensibility mate. You demonstrated a lack of class. Nothing more nothing less.
Arindam Β» Vikram
'Listen to the fool's reproach! it is a kingly title!'
Aronu ✍️ » Arindam
Which country are you from?
Arindam Β» Aronu
This might be just what you're looking for:
Aronu ✍️ » Arindam
Arindam Β» Aronu

If you don't resonate with $0.03/word just don't respond. Most of you sound so salty in this comment section, grow up. He didn't ask to be pitched a 15 cent per word writer.
Within the range of 3 cents per word there are enough options, like mentioned by a few in this comment section: Just check out places like Upwork, black hat world, textbroker or perhaps even Fiverr if you're feeling lucky. It's more than logical that if you pay more you get better quality (most of the times).
hopefully you will find a writer that matches your need! Create a good partnership, work with them and write clear expectations / briefings and you will be fine.

Vermeer Β» Dylan
Agree. You learned well young padawan.

You have to interview and test a lot of writers to find the diamonds in the tough.
My agency grew from 1 to 45 non-native writers & editors in 18 months.
The writers and editors on my team live in low cost of living countries and have Masters degrees in English.
The trick?
Review and test 2,000+ writers.
Had to build a super optimized hiring funnel to make this happen

Odoh Β» Nick
What would you advice non native writers who are good on how to get clients with high rentention rate at $0.03-05 per word?
Nick Β» Odoh
If your content is good, this strategy will take you to 10 cents per word
– Niche down into a super specific type of content. What you choose is a mix of your past experience / passion / rate.
If you love dogs, and have a lot of writing experience about dogs, it's probably still not a great niche to choose because of how many other people can write about dogs too.
I would look for something tech / marketing oriented. Subscription payments, pricing, funnels, conversion, acquisition, affiliate programs, etc.
– Say no to anything that isn't in this niche, or you won't have a good shot at being in the top 10% in.
This will be hard. But you only have so much capacity, so if you do end up writing about dogs at .03c/word, it won't help you get 10 cent per word clients in tech.
You might be doing your best work – but ultimately – the value of that work is lower because people writing content about dogs (affiliates, e-commerce, etc) have less leverage than SaaS businesses
– Build the kind of project you want to consult for, for yourself. Start writing on your blog about the topic.
– Participate in FB conversations about that topic, or do direct outreach to SaaS companies that are in the space.
Fast growing orgs always looking for great content writers, and if you're hyper specific to the space, it's easy to secure high rates.
This is good advice. What's the pricing structure like via your content agency?
Mucha Β» Nick
Ya I had a similar experience. I also found writing samples near useless. We test everyone with real work, then onboard if it makes sense.
This makes perfect sense. But 2000 writers. Damn!! People don't even know how much of a challenge this is. Doing quality control on 3 writers and 3 Virtual Assistants (VA)s melted my head lol.
How also do you KEEP the great writers? Because they are usually in super high demand and realize they can bump their prices up. Warrior writers who maintain consistent quality AND volume AND price are rare.
Nick Β» Newman
Yeah, writers ghost more than any other role I hired for.
Need to have an economic engine that can support full time writers, then seek people who are looking for full time employment, and not consulting – cause you're right, those people will ghost you as soon as they have a higher paying project.


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The Summary of Discussion 1: Let Me Know Your Rate per Word, Country of Origin, Order a Short Test Article!
My main writer has really been f*cking up lately and I'm looking at exploring new talent. If you are interested post below and absolutely do not attempt to message me outside of this post.
Let me know your rate per word, level of experience and country of origin. Do not send samples, we all know that anyone can cut and paste quality work off as their own.
If interested I will contact you for a short test article.
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65 πŸ’¬πŸ—¨

Hi Bill
My rate is $30 per 1000 words. I've been writing for affiliate blogs for around 3 years.
Country of origin is the U.K.
You can check me out on Fiverr for reviews.

Bill ✍️ » Lewis
Do you have a face? I find that people without faces are difficult to work with.
Lewis Β» Bill
I guess it would be difficult to work with somebody without a face.
I can send you ID verification if you're sceptical Bill.
Bill ✍️
If you can post a picture if you holding a 5 pound note in 1 hand and a stick in the other I will believe that you are a person with a face, but only if there is a face included in the picture.
Additionally, can you write in American English? Nothing against your language, but I can't understand a damn thing you guys say when I'm over there, and I've had a lot of brit English writers not work out.
Alony Β» Lewis
I PM you – please check
Bill ✍️ » Alony
I'll reply back with horrible things about your mother and block you. Please check

Not me personally but my writers. $30 per 1000 words, perfect for blog posts and informative articles. $50 per 1000 words, optimized content. I have been working with writers for quite a long time to grow my affiliate sites and mu guest post service. I can definitely say our clients are happy.

Bill ✍️ » Koci
It would have been nice if you would have answered all the things I asked for to start with. πŸ™
Koci Β» Bill
I didn't mentioned the country of origin but does it really matter? and yeah, I have been working with them for 3 years now so they aren't amateur anymore.
Bill ✍️
It was a qualifier. We use them because people who can't follow simple instructions tend to be difficult to work with. For the most part I don't really care what country people are from. But people who don't answer filter themselves nicely.
Koci Β» Bill
It looks more like a judgmental filter rather than a qualifier. But anyway, I hope you found your writer already.
Bill ✍️
Apparently you have never had to hire anyone before. Good luck to you whenever you get there.

Checkout procontentcreators.com, i have found them as a reliable source for contact writing.
Best content writing service | Professional Web content writers
Best content writing service | Professional Web content writers

Bill ✍️ » Ali
Hard pass due to failure to follow instructions.

Hi Bill, I m building a team, at the moment we have 2 writers. Both are from Sri Lanka, not the best but decent. Rates are $20 per 1000, frase/marketmuse optimized. Gonna teach them to use Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) demo soon.
We can't take on large orders yet πŸ™

Bill ✍️ » Muller
Looking to test a few writers, can they write in American English?
Are you fine with me editing out fluff so that I'm only paying for content that isn't there to pad the article?
1 other thing I forgot to add, I don't normally buy 500/1000 word articles. I tell my writers to write as much or as little is needed to write a good article. And in a few articles its been +2500 words, and in others its been 450. Will this be a problem for you to work like this?
To start with I don't expect any of the test articles to be longer than 1000 words, and I think most around 800. Let me know. Still looking at other peoples comments to make other offers.

I'm with Web Asset Builders. We're offering 1000 words at a rate of $40. We have some add ons too like Surfer optimization, custom templates, etc. which you can view in detail here https://webassetbuilders.com/#pricing
We have a team of 70+ writers from all over the world. But, all the content we produce is passed through two native-speaking editors to ensure quality and consistency.
Web Asset Builders – The best ROI on content you'll ever get
Web Asset Builders – The best ROI on content you'll ever get

Bill ✍️ » Omer
Thanks for your interest, at the moment you're offering more than I need with optimization. I'll get back to you later if other articles pop up that might need additional things you offer.

Hey Bill,
We start at 60usd per 1000 words but can get big discounts on bulk, 30+ mostly South African writers with great quality.
Happy to help or answer any questions.
Cost Effective Content Writing for Affiliates & Media Websites | The Marketing Mill
Cost Effective Content Writing for Affiliates & Media Websites | The Marketing Mill

Bill ✍️ » Matt
Honestly this sounds like a lot of money for South African writers. I currently live next to them and have found the quality of English here is trash, both spoken and written. The terms used from brit English really makes things difficult to understand, so I think I'm going to pass, but thank you for your interest.

Danny D'Ambrosio
Guaranteed you still got DM'd .. lol. Ask for links to published work they've done. I love how these guys have websites but don't bother linking to samples. Unless the niche is easy to write about, have you tried searching upwork for freelancers who have an expertise in your niche and can write based on experience? Good luck!

Bill ✍️ » Danny D'Ambrosio
100% I did, and I just told them to f*ck off.
If they can't follow basic instructions then I don't have time for them.
It wasn't too bad when you posted this, only 2, but today 3 more. I told them the only work I have for them is to record themselves eating hot garbage so I can upload it.
This is why you put qualifiers in the job posts. People will self filter themselves out. Works great on upwork to kill the auto bidders.
Danny D'Ambrosio
I hear you. I posted on Upwork today and ended up getting emails to my company applying for the gig. Even with qualifiers people apply anyways. I wouldn't hire anyone off this board but instead through a platform that allows me to get a refund if they submit garbage, which literally happened yesterday. I hired someone off here, that someone else vouched for, and the content was total garbage. Never making that mistake again. I suspect there are accounts created on here to vouch for the selling sites or services to add credibility. That' why I appreciate you giving us a heads up when that shit happens. Let me know how your search goes. If you find anyone of value keep me posted as I would trust your recommendation.
Bill ✍️
I'm going to contact a few from here for a short test article. Even if it's total trash I'm not out much and then I'll make a follow up post showing the shit submitted and who sold it to me.
Danny D'Ambrosio Β» Bill
That's a great idea. That should be a prerequisite on here. You have to submit 250-300 words on a topic you choose and if its of quality then you get to freely pitch your services when someone's looking for a content writer.
Bill ✍️ » Danny D'Ambrosio
I really hate the f*cks that message me out of the blue to sell me shit.
let me know your rate per word country of origin order a short test article

Danny D'Ambrosio Β» Bill
Any luck finding a decent writer or just more thirsty spammers who probably have spelling/grammar mistakes in their pitches.
Bill ✍️ » Danny D'Ambrosio
So far got 2 articles that I can use, still waiting for the other 2 to get back to me. If you want later I can give you the info of a good writer that didn't like my process, but still got me a good article.
Danny D'Ambrosio Β» Bill
Much appreciated! I'd like to check the quality of the article in relation to the cost.

Hi Bill, I have a total of 20 months' experience of writing content and I've been writing for an affiliate website for 10 months now.

Bill ✍️ » Karan
Thank you for not paying attention to detail and answering all the questions. Nothing else is needed. Thanks.
I accidentally pressed enter.
I haven't written content for anyone except for my website. So, I don't how many rates should be charged per word. However, You can take a look at my content and decide for yourself 😊
country of origin: India.
Bill ✍️ » Karan
Please stop while you are behind. I'm less interested now than I was 2 minutes ago.
Karan Β» Bill
You don't have to reply. I was just completing my sentence. Also, I can't work with a person, who is rude.
Bill ✍️
Then I hope everyone you work with tells you the lies you want to hear. I'm upfront and honest, I don't want to hire you from the start. Most people appreciate others not wasting their time.
You don't need to worry about working with me because from the start I already told you it wasn't going to happen. Learn to take no for an answer.
"Please stop while you are behind. I'm less interested now than I was 2 minutes ago." I didn't look at your comment. I was just completing my sentence because I had accidentally pressed enter.
It's okay if you don't want to work with me.

Hi Bill
I have 5 years' experience in article writing. You can DM me. I will write a small blog post for you for free. If you like we can move further. BTW I am Pakistani and I can write in American English. Mostly I charge 30$ for 1000 words.

Bill ✍️ » Abdul Wajid
Thanks for your reply, but due to payment issues every time I've tried to work for someone in your country I'm going to pass. Paying people in Pakistan is just a complete pain in the ass.
Wajid Β» Bill
No issue sir i have a Payoneer and wise transfer (USA Bank account). You can also reach me through Fiverr.

Hello Bill, I charge 0.03 dollars per word. I have over 4 years of experience as a content creator within which I've written in various niches. I also know how to do keyword research and optimization. I'm from Kenya.

Bill ✍️
Failure to follow instructions.

Hey Bill. $40/1000 words, 10 years of experience, going on 11. Country of origin: North Macedonia. US English is a given. Let's do some content wizardry! πŸ™‚

Bill ✍️ » Stefan
Ahh, well you are the wizard, but I see you've changed your profile pic. Really sad that Greece was super butthurt and made you put a Northern in your countries name. Seriously I love your guys flag.
Honestly, after 25 years of the news being "Greece and Macedonia", I couldn't care less anymore. Though the flag was voted sexiest flag in some competition a couple years back.
PS – I come with my personally-trained team and we handle 100+ niches with several dedicated teams. Helluva writing resource for any affiliate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mastermind right there. πŸ˜ƒ
Bill ✍️ » Stefan
I'll get back to you in a bit. A shame I wasn't looking for a writer 2 years ago when I lived in Pristina, I made many trips down to your capital.

Bill ✍️
Update: I reached out to a bunch and I got the "sent" check, but not the delivered for most. So check your messages if you think I might have messaged you.
I am a creative and focused SEO content writer with attention to detail. I have a background in creative writing, a lot of experience with Surfer and i also have great references to share. I have written Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a Florida based law firm, health and fitness blogs, barista and coffee blogs and more. I can handle bulk work (3000 to 5000 words) and i am good with deadlines.

Bill ✍️ » Zahrah
Failure to follow instructions = not interested.

My rate per word is $0.04. And I've over 5 years experience writing SEO optimized content that generate sales of physical products via organic search. And have experience in building affiliate websites. I am from Nigeria. Most of the clients I have worked with are usually from native countries including the US, UK, Canada, Ireland etc. With SurferSEO tool, I take care of all keyword optimization but the price is bit higher. Got some references if you want. Let's do a test writing if you are interested.

Bill ✍️ » Odoh
Sorry man I don't do business with people there. Payment issues and I'm not getting my credit card shut off again.

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