How Many Backlinks to See SEO It Depends on How High the Competition of Your Keywords Is



I'm working on getting backlinks for my site. I have one which I wrote a guest post for. Might be a stupid question, but as long as my link is on someone else's site, that is considered a backlink, correct? Like I don't have to write a bunch of guest posts, other people can just put a link to my website on there website and that will be a backlink.
Also, how many before I start seeing SEO results?
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Yes, any website linking to yours is a backlink.
How many? It depends on what keywords you are going for and how high the competition is.
For example, if you have no backlinks and you're a local business, it would be better to start by building citations on local business directory sites first before going after guest posts.
Or, you could figure out what links your competitors have and try to replicate. There are tons of different ways to get links!

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Thanks so much!
How to find backlinks that my competitors have?

Search competitors in Ahrefs and see what backlinks they are getting.
You can also use SpyFu, which is about $40 a month and you can spy on your competitors most valuable keywords as well
I use SEMrush backlink analysis. There are lots of tools that can do this though.

Yes that is considered a backlink. But it's not a stupid question, the SEO world is filled with terminology that makes little sense, and that in some cases is just wrong and confusing.
Backlink is a good example, I mean, it would make sense to call it a backlink if you where both linking to each other, that would make it "a link back". But that's not what people mean when they talk about backlinks.
At my agency we never use the term backlink, since it's confusing and not accurate. We talk about internal and external links. Which is a lot more accurate.
Another perfect example of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terminology being weird and confusing is the term long tail keywords, since it implies there being a short tail as well. It's weird how people often divide keywords into Head, Body and Longtail, which is confusing, because where is the short tail then? Head Body and Tail would make so much more sense.
As I said, the SEO world is filled with examples like these. So don't feel stupid when asking about these things, because they don't make sense from a linguistic point of view.

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Be sure to check if the link is set to dofollow! If the link is set to nofollow, you will not get any SEO benefits from that backlink!

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How do you tell? Can you show examples?

A nofollow tag is a simple html tag added next to the link. You can check if the link is nowfollow the hard way by checking the source code, or the easy way using onz of the tools available. If you want an example you can check most social networks, most of them use nofollow links by default, even Reddit (though I read that Reddit switches nofollow links to dofollow if you reach a certain upvote treshold); which is why posting links on Facebook and company doesn't usually do anything for your SEO.

Yes, if you get link from other sites to your site, it will be considered as a backlink, There are many types of backlinks in the web. But the main two is do-follow and the other one is no-follow. But consider the do-follow more stronger that the nogfollow backlink. But a fewa months ago, Google announced that they also considering the no-follow backlink as an indexing source. The answer that you want to know that, SEO is a slow motion progress. If you do backlinks for your website right now, you will get the result in 1-2 months. And mustly it will be positive if you do the backlink process properly.

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Thanks so much! That answered a lot :-)

Any website linking to you is a backlink but it's ideal you're getting links from relevant websites. They should be in your niche to maximum impact.
Also, it's tough to say exactly how many you need to start seeing results. You can run competitors through an SEO suite, see how many links they have, and that'll give you a ballpark estimate.

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In an imaginary world, if your website is good, links will come "naturally" since people would love to link for free to great resources to help their readers. But … most people now know that it doesn't work like that.
Search engines have made a system where every website owner has to spend their time and money running after backlinks. Otherwise their websites will never rank. And if people can't make their websites rank naturally based on its relevancy, doing business means for them that they have to pay a hefty price to be visible in the marketplace.
It makes great economic sense for Big Search to do it like this. The cost and difficulty of getting backlinks has skyrocketed due to this system, and that has made Big Search's advertising programs much more attractive. This factor has of course made search engine companies among the most valuable companies in the world. I don't think it's going to change any time soon.
A consequence is that in search engines it is not the most relevant pages that rank, but the most heavily advertised pages. Clearly, this is not what the end users are looking for.
But – it is your dilemma. To rank you need backlinks to your content. These days content creators are advised by experts to spend at least four times the amount of time it took to create a piece of content to promote it, to try to get more publicity than their competitors.

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Thank you! It sucks that that is the case. Kind of like if you self publish a really great book on Amazon you are still competing with the big publishing houses for screen time, and they will always win. Gatekeepers of the internet.

Yeah, it's kind of like that. No matter how good your book, it's the big publishing houses that decide which books people will know about. One big part of it is if you're funny, cool and good looking so that you can talk about your book on Saturday night live. And in the end Amazon always wins.

This is such a great explanation about why it feels like it's so hard to get backlinks and how the search engines themselves have created this situation themselves.
Would it be fair to assume that due to this, the currently 'established' sites with many backlinks will be difficult to overthrow? If not, how are new sites expected to break this vicious cycle of sorts?

First I'd like to say that in the beginning of the Internet links were used to help people find useful information. It was therefore a good idea to use that information to understand which sites to lift to the top. But it also meant some links became more valuable and extremely important to have. As a consequence those links turned into a traded commodity.
To answer your question. Overthrowing established sites in big markets is possible, but will be very expensive. As the only way to do that is with a massive marketing budget. It helps also to have good connections with people inside those established sites, since getting links from them will be easier.
The quality of your new site doesn't really matter, as you won't get links without providing value to those that backlink. New sites that try to break in using the known ways to trigger the "quality signals" set out by Big Search (by getting great backlinks etc) are likely to break their budget in marketing spend. Clearly this system is not going to change, since a major portion of your marketing money goes into the pockets of Big Search.
Established sites are very influential, and can start new businesses merely through the value of their linking power. Obviously they support the status quo of the current system.
This is great info. Thanks!

Usually the results take a little time, I believe 30 days is a good ballpark to try to see how much a particular backlink may have helped you.
It depends who is linking to you. A massive site with high authority? That'll carry some serious juice and could be worth hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars for your business had you bought the link. A bunch of backlinks of garbage / throwaway sites that don't have much authority, aren't going to do that much for you. They'll help, but not a ton.
Yes, links alone are backlinks, but ideally you want to make sure they're followed links. However, the guest post strategy isn't bad as long as you're not sending the same post to each place. Probably a no-no. It'll look much more organic and less spammy. "It depends" is what I've come to learn about SEO lmao
Three things:
β€’ A backlink is basically a link on a website that points to your site.
β€’ Guest posting is only one form of link building.
β€’ Link building is basically a strategy to build backlinks.
Now, the point isn't just to win backlinks, you should aim to get high-quality and relevant links back to your site.
This way, you'd actually see results in the long run.
In short, please be careful with shady link building techniques. It may sound like a cliche but, you should focus on quality instead of quantity.

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Good points!

There is some free backlink sources like But in most cases you will have to create very good content or pay for links . Depends on page topic. Keep in mind that forum spamming is a very bad strategy.

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Is legit? I've run into some pretty shady free backlink services. I certainly want quality backlinks. I've looked on here and Facebook to find some group that actually connects real writers for this purpose but haven't found anything.

Low spam score and my page is added too. Haven't noticed any issues. You have to send them text and links, its not like blackhat SEO when completely different topic somehow leads to ur page.


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