How I Earned 4000$ A Month From My Shopify ECommerce Website


How I earned 4000$ per Month from the page that only gets 300 visitors per month. (Case Study)

(I wish this subreddit gave the option to post screenshots of the webmaster and all)
Learning SEO while doing it for my own brands was one of the best things that happened to me.
Here is an example from one of my Shopify eCommerce website.
Let's say if my product was Leather Boots (Which it isn't), a normal SEO would start running behind keywords like "Best Leather Boots," "Brown Leather Boots" etc.
As an owner, your mind will always be going towards Revenue First Model.
So I created a page with the keyword " <Product Type> in Wholesale" to attract bulk buyers. In the above scenario it will be "leather boots wholesaler" and "Buy Leather Boots in Bulk" etc.
Wrote 7-8 blogs on a similar topic to internal link to this page.
Invested in a good backlink (300$ / link).
As soon as the page became top result, I got leads from the US/South Africa and Canada for the buyers who usually have to find such vendors on Alibaba.
I offered them products at 55% off on my retail cost and with no brand name.
They became my regular resellers in the market.
I have done the same 3 times now. Once for me and 2 times for a client. It always works for us.
That's how a page that hardly gets 300 visitors per month became the most profitable page.
Think like an owner. Act like an SEO.
Hope this helps. Happy to answer any queries in the comments below.
P.S. – I am looking for people with such actionable tips and case studies to interview on my podcast "The SEO Singh Show". Please reach out to me if you are someone who is willing to actually help SEO users around the world without selling anything in return.
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So you become a whole saler selling white label

usethat ✍️

white label

Yes. To be very honest I found an amazing artisan while traveling to a local village in India. I got my DHL license and started exporting his goods.

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by you got your dhl license? I'm doing something similar with a product out of Vietnam with an artisan I know but shipping is always a headache.
usethat ✍️
DHL/Fedex license. Whatever is the cheapest and the fastest shipping partner in Vietnam for USA. Also, Vietnam has some killer artisans. It can be a big hit in USA.

I am working to implement SEO for my page for the first time. How do you define good back link before investing the money and seeing the result of the investment in the backlink?

usethat ✍️
I would still suggest going for outreach or Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to acquire the links from a similar niche. I have seen them to be way more powerful. You can also create an amazing piece of content and try going for skyscraper method.

Think like an owner – research the market, identify an issue that customers in that market struggle with and fill that gap. Act like a SEO – match your keywords to the gap that your filling.
It's sounds so simple but it's overlooked by the majority of online businesses.

usethat ✍️
Couldn't have put it in better words.

Thank you for the case study! And it certainly shows that getting a ton of traffic isn't necessary to get whatever it is you want — usually, it's quality traffic that matters best. You find exactly the crowd you wanted to attract, what they'd be searching for, and boom — the content you created did its job.

usethat ✍️
Thank you so much. Mastering a search intent is all it takes nowadays.

Where did you purchase and assess the backlink for your blog?

usethat ✍️
I went for a press release but won't suggest anyone the same. I would still suggest going for outreach or Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to acquire the links from a similar niche. I have seen them to be way more powerful.

Thanks for sharing sounds very interesting.
As per the example above, you wrote 8 blog posts about topics surrounding leather boots wholesale? So you would write topics such as 'How to purchase leather boots wholesale' and 'Where to find good quality leather boots at wholesale prices'? Or was it more of blog posts covering leather boots such as 'Why leather boots are the best'?
How long did it take for Google to rank your blog posts at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

usethat ✍️
Neither. My strategy will revolve around the market problem and is closely related to the page I am interlinking. I wrote the articles to attract users to check out my wholesale page and not pass any link juice.
Something like "Why COVID is a perfect time to invest in Leather Business" something in those lines.

I'll be checking out your podcast and thanks very much for the tips. Can I ask your advice on getting more hits on my website which advertises my services as a content writer specialising in SEO blogs please?

usethat ✍️
I have created a lot of podcasts regarding the same. Check them out.

"Invested in a good backlink (300$ / link)" I think this one made the difference. Well done!

usethat ✍️
No, actually not. If I would have gone with a very high quality articles to internal link, I would have got the similar results.

Yet you have still done it the same way on several occasions, meaning it was, easier this way? Cheaper? Or simply you already knew "how to"? What do you mean by High Quality (HQ) articles and where/written by whom? It is a bit vague. Writing yourself instead of paying for it? Or paying someone and posting it yourself?
usethat ✍️
So, when I did the same second time I got better at content designing. So by the second time I was using tools like Marketmuse and keywords surfer to design my content strategy. Choosing the keywords where my website can easily rank on etc. The 300$ is an estimated budget to acquire a good backlink.
I usually don't go for backlinks and concentrate on writing HQ articles that can hold a reader's attention for more than 1 minute. Even if I go for a backlink then my favorite strategy is outreach from the same industry or HARO freelancers.


Could you explain – Wrote 7-8 blogs on a similar topic to internal link to this page.
As in created different blogs all together ( or, or just guest posts on other blogs.
Thanks, I must say its a well thought through strategy.

I take it to mean they wrong blog posts not whole sites
usethat ✍️
No, created blogs on the same website.

What be interested to understand more about the investing in a good backlink bit…how did you find it, what are its metrics (Trust Flow in Majestic) etc.
Love the article though, this is awesome – well done.

usethat ✍️
The backlink was the least important part. First time I went with press release but I have done the same for other client as well and outreach or link from same industry works the best in such cases.

Where were you sourcing these "boots" from to eventually wholesale resale them?

usethat ✍️
Yes. The plan was to start an ecommerce around them. Then wholesale business started picking up as well.

Think you misread, I asked where were you sourcing the boots from? I presume you're weren't manufacturing them, so you were importing them from somewhere right?
usethat ✍️
No, actually I am located in India and while I was travelling in the local village, I found this local artisian making amazing products. He was my first vendor.

Are blog posts created on the same site or guest post to different sites. Also when you buy links you link to the blog post or your main product page?
Also i feel you are into lead generation and not ad revenue and i am also from the same stream .
One idea that came to me recently was whether posting about orders completed and linking to main product site and then redistributing the link to social networks . Does this help in ranking higher?

usethat ✍️
The blog posts were on the same website and it was an e-commerce site.
I don't use such link building techniques ever, so I will never know

Destiny? I'm a industrial shoe manufacturer in Mexico and I applied the same system as you and I got like 800 visits /month, but my strategy was to Target keywords like industrial boots manufacturer and things like that, now if I get 2 clients per month we are talking about $5000 usd in a large client and add that it must be recurrent, is more profitable in that way than targeting keywords like industrial shoes/boots, also we get small clients like 2 or 3 per month that worth $300-1200 usd /month

usethat ✍️
True. That's amazing.

What type of topics are you writing, can you mention the topics you are talking about in your blogpost?
usethat ✍️
As I said earlier, these topics are closely related to the main page. Something like "Why COVID is a perfect time to invest in Leather Business" something in those lines.

Where'd you purchase that high quality $300 back link?

usethat ✍️
That doesn't matter anymore. Invest 300$ in outreach programs and get links from similar industry blogs.

Thanks but where you invested your 300$ for per link

usethat ✍️
Again, it was an estimate and I did it on the press release. I won't suggest the same as those things worked back in 2016-17. I would suggest investing in getting a link from high traffic website which is topically relevant to your niche. You will see way better results.


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