How Does Local SEO Help to Grow Our Businesses?

Hi there, I'm curious does local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really worth the invest? If yes, how local SEO help to grow your business?
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Truslow 🎓
It depends upon whether or not you have a local business or not. If you can service the entire state, country, continent, or globe – then local business is going to pay off a bit less at each level.
If you're a service business (i.e. you service people within a specific, limited area) or you've got a business that requires people come to you (like retail, restaurants, hair salons, etc.) then Local SEO is likely the most important type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to focus on – though because normal organic results are typically "localized" for these types of businesses, there's a lot of overlap with Local and Organic SEO
How does it help? It's how you get Google to show your business in the results when they are searching for whatever it is that you sell or do.

Robin ✍️ » Truslow
Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed feedback. Never really thought of that way before, now I realize why some business doesn't really focus on that.
Truslow 🎓
Yep. Amazon would see little or no benefit doing local SEO around Seattle – they'd have to work as hard as any other aspect and only reach 750,000 people compared to the billions they need to reach.

Keith L Evans 🎓
Any type of marketing is all about ROI. How much are leads worth to your business growth? And how much are you willing to pay?
Let's say one of my clients makes $500 avg profit per customer. And this client wants 2 new customers a week. He can reasonably invest monthly $1500 and get $8000 in profit.
To grow your business, first focus on the maps with great reviews and the quick info people are looking for.
Now you need a great offer and landing page. Small businesses can beat the big guys.
Solve the user's problems by being legitimately irresistible with overwhelming proof.
It's really that easy as long as you can find a Local SEO expert you can trust.

Henry » Keith L Evans
This comment is spot on. ROI is where it's at. I had a client wake me up yesterday with a phone call, because he "wanted to brag" on me and the return his business is seeing on their investment.
Kathy » Keith L Evans
Absolutely, I'm glad you brought out the importance of "Solve the user's problems by being legitimately irresistible with overwhelming proof." Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply a way to get people in the door, but if you can't sell them once they are there, SEO is a complete waste of money and time.
Robin ✍️ » Keith L Evans
Thanks for the valuable feedback. I couldn't agree more with the primary intent of Google, which is providing users' search queries. It's good to have more insights on this, thanks a lot mate!

Well, the vast majority of people use Google to find local services. Most are already in a state of need (aka want to buy). So, if you become the go-to source for your services and can solve the information/commercial intent of your potential customers.
Google Maps done right can result in a flood of new business for locals.

Robin ✍️ » Cody
True, I totally agree with you, especially that you mentioned that most people are searching in an urge of need when it comes to local search.

100% worth it if you get the right SEO and have a service business that has some competition in your local area. There are some businesses (restaurants, car dealerships, etc) that are not ideal for local SEO. You will see some ROI with those business but nothing like you can for service business like plumbing, landscaping, etc. If you get the right SEO or learn how to do it right yourself, soon it will be time to buy new trucks and start thinking about expanding to the next city over. It will blow you business up.

Robin ✍️ » Diego
Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Guess it's worth all the effort in building the right local SEO. Thanks mate!


Yes, local SEO can give you a very high ROI, but make sure you hire someone who gets results. A lot of people talk a good game but can't really get results. Make sure the person you hire can take you into Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Biz (GMB) Insights and show you metrics from Google. Website visits and conversions (sales, calls, form fills, etc.) Lots of people will show you third-party metrics that turn out to be meaningless. Make sure you're being shown results.

Ockert » Marco
Yip show results… like calls & from fills
Robin ✍️ » Marco
Oh wow, it's a really good piece of advice here. definitely note this down for future use for my clients. Cheers, mate!

Local SEO helps your business stand out – even if you don't have a website – and helps drive more traffic to your premises through online leads. Since these leads are from people who are specifically searching for products or services that your business offers, they are also likely to give you a high conversion rate.
A Google My Business profile is completely free and a vital stage of any Local SEO campaign–if you've not set one up for your business yet, that should be the next step on your to-do list.
It allows you to register on Google's ‘business directory', where you list the important details about your business. These include images, location, address, website address, contact details, opening times and customer reviews.
If your business' address is not updated in Google My Business and other online directories, it will not show up when a customer runs a "near me" or "in *locality name*" search.

Robin ✍️ » Suresh
Your feedback definitely makes sense, as local businesses aim to show up on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) when their niche is searching for it. Thanks mate!

Adam J. Humphreys
72% of clicks were estimated to going to the first position. In a brick or mortar operation this means being responsive to client inquiries, getting positive reviews on Google my business, and hopefully the closest one to them. Location, location, location is important even online in an instant gratification world.

Robin ✍️ » Adam J. Humphreys
You've got a point there. thanks for the feedback, mate.
Adam J. Humphreys » Robin
Any time (after 9am … I'm talking to you software spammers of India) 😆
Robin ✍️ » Adam J. Humphreys
I appreciate your feedback, but you got the wrong assumption. I'm not a software spammer from India. Just a humble digital marketer from New York City (NYC) who wanted to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also, I don't think my sleeping schedule can affect when I wanted to learn. TQ.
Adam J. Humphreys » Robin
That was me being funny saying the catch phrase in a round about way "I'm here all week"
Robin ✍️ » Adam J. Humphreys
Oops, my bad to misinterpret hahaha


If you hire the right guys that number goes up.

Robin ✍️
Do you suggest doing it alone/ by yourself?
Faisal » Robin
For extraordinary results maybe not, but for a start… Absolutely
Robin ✍️ » Faisal
Alright, noted with thanks!
Robin ✍️ » Hector
Thanks for the feedback mate!

Q1: as long as feasibility study indicates a big chunk of your clients are searching for your services on the web/Google.
Q2: We put your service in front of target clients that are ready to take action – now you got chat, form submissions, email and calls. Best part you can build a household brand within your niche or target location.

Robin ✍️ » Rienzi
That's true, guess businesses gotta do some research before setting up the real deal & I guess it's worth the effort. Thanks for the feedback anyways!
Rienzi » Dee
It's easy to verify – search for your services and if ads ang GMB listings appear that usually means your market is onljne

So, let me use an antiquated visualization. 50 years ago, people relied heavily on the Yellow Pages to get their business out there.
However, to be super successful in this book, having a full-page placement meant you are turning a focus from a lot of the smaller numbers.
Going on with that analogy, what targeting Commercial Plumbing parts of the page will help, and targeting Residential Plumbing pages will help your cause too. Granted it would be costly, but the concept is the same with local SEO
You want to be where people are looking.

Stephen » Morgan
"You want to be where people are looking" – perfect way to sum it up!
Robin ✍️ » Morgan
You've got a good point here, thanks for the feedback mate!

Depends on the business and the market.
If you have a client who is trying to rank #1 in Google for "surf board shop" in Kansas, it's not gonna be worth it. The search volume is probably too low to justify doing local SEO. The client won't see any ROI.
But if you have a potential client wanting to rank for "surf board shop" in Santa Monica, CA, it might be worthwhile because there's search volume and potential ROI.

Robin ✍️ » Silvio
Wow, this is something that has not come to mind. You've got a good point here. Thanks mate!

🔥For most local businesses it's the first and most important thing you should do if you want to build a solid foundation for your business, and bring in a steady flow of clients or customers

Robin ✍️ » Ryan
Great input mate, do most local businesses uses SEO tools to track their local rankings?
Ryan » Robin
I would say most Local SEO users should, if you're a small business in a smaller city, with not a lot of keywords you could just keep an eye on them, but you can find affordable software to track your positions, so you might as well, you'll also feel better about knowing what's going on, and will give you insights as to what is happening.
BUT Most local BUSINESSES do not track their rankings no. I would say a small percentage that have SEO users managing their listings/sites probably would.
Robin ✍️
Ryan, I see. Great insights, mate. At least keeping track of the local rankings will let businesses be aware of their current rankings & able to make changes right away. Sadly, not many people track. But is there any local SEO tool that you would recommend?

Of course. Many clients going from zero to massive success only from GMB rankings. Plus something biz owners often miss is when you rank your business is multiple X more valuable and sellable in the future.

Robin ✍️ » Trevor
Fair point, mate. Thanks for the feedback! 💪


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