How Can an Overseas Affiliate Marketer Earn From the Product for the USA?

How to deal with this.
How an affiliate marketer living in India can show user experience of the product for USA?
Is there any way to make it without buying product?
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how can an overseas affiliate marketer earn from the product for the usa

Just embed YouTube video. A random review of the product by someone else, who hasn't put affiliate links in the description.

Popa » AbdUllah
Good luck with that
Kim » Popa
Why don't you think that would work? 🙂 its a real reviewer who tells people about their experience.
AbdUllah » Kim
It'll work, since Google bots will check your site, not Google employees. So it's a go to for product reviews.
Kim » AbdUllah
I get that. I just wanted to hear Popa point if view. Or if its just an opinion with no facts behind it. Afterall, cant say his comment was very insightful.
Popa » Kim
It's insightful as f*ck, loads of affiliate sites use yt videos now already, including mine. This will 100% get rid of that gimmick.
Kim » Popa
First "good luck with that" is not insightful and don't give any information about your opinion.
2nd: whats wrong with a YouTube video that shows or tells the YouTube viewers their opinions about the product?? And, yes what if everyone uses these videos (even if they all uses the same video) as sources. isn't that the purpose of the hole thing?
Its just the same as now, where people are just using the same information from the manufacturers website/or Amazon product page.
But googles announcment is most likely just more of a scarecity than anything else.
Popa » Kim
You have too much time on your hands lol

What industry are you in? And do you have any examples of which products you want to review?

Faria ✍️
Knife… But I .living outside usa.. and my website is based on usa
Kim » Faria
Go into fb groups and ask people in your industry who already have bought the products if they can make a video for a few bucks. Ofcourse the video needs to be uniquely made for you and with right to publish it. Yes, you need to pay for a few bucks. But so would you have done for the knife. But in this case you don't need the knife, but also get a video in this case to show your readers. On the contrary if you had bought the knife, you would still have to somehow show or review the knife.

Stop reading the Google propaganda and spend a full day reviewing the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for "review" and "best of" keywords beyond the short head of the search demand curve and you will find hundreds of thousands of keywords and pages filled with product recommendations made by people who haven't touched the product in real life and don't have any original media (images, videos) on the page.

Jamal » Dolman
Yes you are right. I also searched it yesterday.
Roy » Dolman
But Google says this particular algorithm update is brand new and won't be complete for the next 3 weeks. I suppose we have to check again around January to see if this still holds true or not.
I also think it makes no sense to take advice from a review where the person essentially has never used the product/service.
Personally when I get product recommendations I would like to get information from a real person who has real experience with it… No?
I have a review site and I've touched every single product that I have a written review for.
99.9% of the products were sent to me for free to review and now I even charge for my time to review products.
Plus my audience trusts me! So they buy.
Lisa » Dolman
This is pants. Thanks for your comments. I agree. Try working a review site where each product is worth several $'s…no one can buy and review them all.
Big believe that if you set your stall, tell them who you are, what your doing, how you do it and why…why, being you're offering a service, you do your reviews well…then you are saving people hours of time. They can buy if they choose or take your information as a spring board and continue their research.
If you've told the truth and honesty collated the data and reviewed throughly, what's the problem?
So going back to my point…'no one can review them all'. Then you can only be right when many competitors fail, yet one thrives…go forth and analyse the hell on what they are doing that you're not…needle in haystack x

Adding to what Dolman just said – there are still listing sites out there earning top dollars. These sites never –
Touched the product
Even compared it to other/better models
Provided any in-depth analysis
So, instead of taking Google's words to heart (which is always a bad idea), just wait and see what others do + do some A/B split testing yourself.
I think it tells us the direction Google is heading toward. And it heading toward video reviews. And eventually YouTube will rank for reviews and rightly so. But how long will it take? In my opinion 5-10 years.
Are we good to go with same methods for now? I can't say as I don't know your method. Just look at your affiliate site. Does update had positive or negative impact on your ranking.
Further, it will also depend on your competition. Certain niches will quickly adopt the guidelines while others may be never.

Faria ✍️
Actually I am a starter marketer.. just bough the domain hosting. And ordered some articles… And then this happened. So big worried about this
Sohail » Faria
Don't worry at all. Just continue.


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