Here Is an Insane SEO Audit Template List That You Can Use!


Here's an insane SEO audit template list that you can use

I keep seeing questions about the ideal way to audit a website so here is what I have laid out in my own template. Note: for each of these sections I have video explainers and conditional formatting which you can actually find if you Google SEO audit template, its ranking #2 internationally.
SEO Roadmap for: "Name"
Business Type:
Audience Targeting:
Conversion Value:
Website Basics
*Site redirects to perferred version
*Call to Action (CTA) Above Fold For Main Pages
*Mobile Friendly
*About Page
*Contact Page
*TOS & Privacy Policy Page
*HTML Sitemap in Footer
*Social Media
*Incorrect Usage of 301's, Canonicals, Noindex or 404's
*Indexation Count Too High
*Thin Content or No Value Pages
*Conversion Pages
*Outdated Pages
*Inproperly Optimized Categories
*Multiple Categories Per Post
*Uncategorized Pages or Posts
*PDF's Without Optimizations
*Post Tags
*Product Tags
*Media Attachments
*Account Pages
*Paginated Pages
*Business Name Included in All Titles
Click Through Rate (CTR) Optimization
*Schema Markup For Aggegate Rating
*Schema Markup Events
*Schema Markup Open House
*Schema Markup For News
*Schema Markup For Video
*Site Architecture
*Categorized URL Structure
*Specific URL problems
*Bread Crumbs
*Site Search
Sitewide On Page Issues
*Internal Links Being Properly Utilized
*External Links Being Properly Utilized
*Keyword Mapping Done
*Images Missing Alt Tags
*Image File URL's
*Title Tags Too Short
*Title Tag Length Too Long
*Title Tag Duplicates
*Multiple H1's
*Missing H2's
*Missing Meta Descriptions
*Duplicate Meta Descriptions
*Meta Descriptions Too Short
*Meta Descriptions Including Phone Numbers
*Meta Keywords
Page Speed Optimization
*Result Scan:
*Image Compression
*Browser Cacheing
*Gzip Compression
*JS and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Minification
*Hosting Name: + Server Speed
*Overall Page Speed Timings and Requests
*Content Related Issues
*Exact Page Duplicates Without Canonicals
*Closely Related Content Variant Duplicates
*Thin Content Pages
Schema Markup / OG Data
*Orginization Markup
*Local Business Markup
*About Markup
*Contact Markup
*Blog Markup
News Article Markup
*Event Markup
*Open House Markup
*Aggregate Review Markup
*Bread Crumbs Markup
*Specific Problems With Schema
*All Pages OG Data
Plugins (WordPress Only)
*Broken Link Checker
*Open Header Scripts
Google My Business Optimization
*Physical Address
*Service Location
*Correct Hours
*Multiple Categories
*Responding to Reviews
*Keyword Stuffed Title Tag
*Using Post Capability
*Answering Questions
*Using Promotions
*Continually Posting Content
*3x Services Photos
*3x Inside Location Photos
*3x Outside Location Photos
*3x Team Photos
*Citation Count Low
*Citations Inconsistent
Black Hat
*Over Optimization of Content
*Private Blog Network's
*Fake Reviews
*Cloaked Internal and External Links
Social Media
*All Main Social Profiles Setup
Social Profiles Optimized For Social Search Engines
*Posting Regularly Social Profiles
*Cross Promoting Additional Assets
*Doing Giveaways With
Alogrithmic Penalites?
Search Console
*Are Most Pages Recieving Traffic and Rankings?
*Sitemap Submitted
*Problem With Pages Indexed vs Pages On Site
*Any Manual Penalties?
Top 10 Pages By Traffic
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Why don't tou post a link and we need to Google it? Just curious if that is prohibited or something? Or you just want more people to Google your site?

ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Well the actual template itself with all the additional items in it is paid (such as conditional formatting, keyword mapping, screaming frog import section, etc.). Also, last time I wrote something in here with a link my post got removed.

So it's a paid template. SMH.
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Regardless of my other checklist being paid, it took a while putting this list together which I'm giving you for free.

Having more people click your link after searching for a keyword helps you rank higher.

Yes. So in other words trying to manipulate the r/SEO community for personal gain to rank…
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
I'm sorry that you don't see any value in the thing I gave you for free.

Links are banned in this forum technically, tho probably ways around it

Fairly comprehensive should do a good job for most.
IMHO add this to it: the 90/20. The tech stack is as important as the rest of the site so I make sure page speed analysis scores are at 100/100; amp is enabled.

ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Eh, I generally only reccomend AMP if the site is news based.

Yeah I can see where ur coming from. I generally only do it for clients willing to go the extra mile but that featured posting helps a lot.
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Yeah, I would be a lot more likely to reccomend it if I could customize the CTAs a bit better such as mail sign ups, etc. within it.
Why's that?
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
I don't understand your question. Why cant you customize ctas for email sign ups?
No I meant that customizing CTAs for email sign ups is a very specific thing to do, just for AMP. I was wondering what your reasoning was maybe it will help me out when I do it if I am overlooking something
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Because siphoning your traffic is extremely important. Organic traffic alone is a major liability.
Hope i am not bothering you with this but please explain what you mean by liability and why syphoning it especially for purposes of email or otherwise relates to amp. I don't wanna come off as a dick I'm genuinely curious
He's saying that with amp it isn't as easy to customize the CTAs for certain segments. Maybe it has to do with AMPs limitations on Javascript.
Why would you want to do that? Imagine you're an estate agent and somebody lands on your site. Your default call to action is "search for your next house here".
If you knew they are a poor student you could change that Call to Action (CTA) to "find a cheap student apartment to rent here." That should convert better. As would other CTAs for other segments.

What is 90/20? I searched "90/20 SEO" but nothing comes up.

My bad I was referencing the 80/20 rule of things in general. Typo

And in what ways is this better than the other pretty solid audit templates like those from Anne Cushing, Webris or Barry Adams?

ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Not saying it's better or worse than anyone just offering it for free to anyone who wants to use it.

Not sure why ppl are so pissed at you .. thanks for the list bud – much appreciated.
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Thanks Montreal, this is how the SEO community is.
Yeah, it's really strange. Get a bunch of engineer types together in one place, and all you get are complaints about how everything isn't the way they like it.
ChaseReiner โœ๏ธ
Oh well, I've learned to live with it and help anyways.
I've seen your YouTube videos. Mad respect for helping out the SEO community. If you want a backlink from my website, hit me up.


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