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How to target 'Near Me' related keywords in a website.

I want to get my website ranked for 'near me' related keywords in the search engine.

I have asked the developer to add "show results near me" functionality which will ask the user for their current location after click and filter the results based on the user's current location.

Also, asked to add the local schema on the web pages.

Apart from that what else I can do to target 'near me' related keywords?
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Lmao you guys are ridiculous. Near me is not a keyword it is a modifier that shows the intent of locating a service that is relevant and authoritative to the person's location. Stop trying to keyterm stuff your way to a ranking. You simply make a page that targets a specific location and it will rank for near me searches from people that are, get this, NEAR THE LOCATION you wrote about.

SEO Near Me
I beg to differ. You are correct that there are context clues that search engines use to know and serve location, but to ignore that people actually use voice assistants to specifically say the words, "near me" is a little disingenuous.

It is an actual keyword, but doing what you do, and what I also do (adding actual location), serves the query.

I use it on a catch all page that lists specific geo locations. So an overall hub targeting (thing near me) and then each location on that page has a page targeting (thing in geo location/thing near geo location).

This man bringing up voice assistants as if people be asking Siri to hire a roofer. Ok but did you optimize for Bing? Lol
I don't agree with him on everything but John mueller disagrees with you here and I do too.

Near me is a universal modifier that counts everywhere…

If you want to rank for the near me most of that is done through Google my business listings so make sure you have one that covers the areas you want to rank for
We'll agree to disagree here.

I have search console data where the terms "babysitter near me", "nanny near me", and "child care near me" are the highest impressions and clicks. keyword planner also spits the near me out as higher query volumes than city + term.

What's after by a LONG shot? [city] babysitter/nanny/child care or any variation of that such as babysitter near [city], in [city], find or hire near/in [city]. We're talking thousands for the exact match near me vs hundreds or less for the city terms. Most of our traffic is mobile as well.

What we are arguing here is whether or not near me is a KEYWORD. By definition of the word "keyword" and how people use them to find a concept, it most certainly is for my industry. By Google's standards for how people search in my vertical – it most definitely is.

We're both in agreement at least on the fact that John Mueller says a lot of shit, and many times the way things actually work is different in real world application for various verticals.

Like I said before, we'll have to agree to disagree here. Perhaps in your vertical it's not how people search, but in mine it actually is.

Perhaps we're also both wrong because it depends on the industry whether it's a keyword or not. I'm willing to admit that in your industry perhaps no one searches that way.
People definitely search that way.

I just don't think having near me on the page itself should have any influence in that…

It might as I have not tested it but I will once my new project gets a little more mature.

I'm expecting more out of Google but I've been surprised with my test in the past so who knows

Yes agreed with u/SEOVicc
He doesn't think "near me" is a keyword. He just wants to rank for keyword + near me and is asking for the best methods to rank locally. He also is on the right track with local schema. No need to be so condescending.


Don't listen to anybody that says near me cannot be optimized for and is not a keyword. It 1000% can be optimized when using location pages, and not having any physical address at that location you can still show up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). For example, I live in Tampa Florida. If I do a search for plumber near me 8 out of the 10 search results on the first page are location pages that optimized for near me searches. They have optimized their title tag, meta description, headers, ext…

PLUS create a ton of geographic relevance on the page. I just did a tutorial on this the other day and can send you or anyone else the link…

Means you are saying we can set title as, "pizza near me". Pls tell me in easy way how to target near me words/keywords etc .

Yep.. Bit more complicated that that but your on the right track… Here are some of the title tags when i search for plumber near me (I'm in Tampa)

Find a plumber near Tampa—– Plumbers near me in Tampa fl—- 15 best licensed plumbers near me—- Plumber near me -BBB start with trust.
Optimize the title tag, headers, and sprinkle in some keywords in the main body, add some geo relevace and boom your done. "near me" nearby "near city" close to "near you" etc… You can also add the near me keyword to the url if your are feeling frisky.

DO NOT keyword optimize for 'near me'

10 out of your 10 results are plumbers who're actually in Tampa. The fact that 8 of them stuffed 'near me' as keywords is not the reason why they're there. By that logic, if a plumber in seattle did a really good job of optimizing and backlinking with anchor text 'near me', he would start showing up all over the US for the plumber keyword. That does not happen.

Also, think about a user who comes to the page and what experience he/she would have. You don't want visitors, you want visitors who convert to customers and most internet educated visitors are going to jump the hell of a page which has nonsense like 'near me near me' written all over the page. It looks spammy – it IS spammy

Lastly, trust Google to eventually penalize any sort of spammy behavior. Back in early to mid 2000s, 10 out of 10 of your search results would have been websites with the word 'plumber' stuffed in them 10,000 times. Does not mean it was a good idea

Nobody said to be spammy and put near me all over the page. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. I have ranked websites over and over again with location pages optimized for near me searches.

Don't believe me???? In my tutorial, i optimize a location page for a roofing company in Benbrook tx. The physical location of the company is in Granbury tx. That's 28 miles away!

We ranked the page for "roofers near me" and "roof repair near me" for people that were physically searching in the city of Benbrook.

We even have the data inside of search console.

In my video I even go into incognito mode, and change my location. You even see the little blue pin on the map..

But your right… That's why some of the biggest companies with extremely large SEO budgets optimize for near me searches… I mean do you even do an analysis the top Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for a keyword you are targeting??? Its ALL OVER the results for local search terms.. Yelp, angielist, rotorooter, bbb, mr rooter, just to name a few and keep with the plumbing theme…
So are you plastering near me in the content lol
yes, I make sure to put "near me" at least 100 times per 500 word blog post. Works like a charm! Top 1-3 spots guaranteed baby! LOL You don't even need to put the city name.
Wait, I'm confused, you're saying no need to be spammy and put 'near me' all over the page but then you're also saying use it 100 times per 500 words. Isn't that literally what spammy word stuffing is
I was joking
Geez, relax dude. Congrats on your achievements

You've replied to my first sentence. I've written 3 more paragraphs beneath it.

But I can clearly see you're not up for a discussion. All good. Keep doing what you're doing, and good luck
Why? Because you were wrong and now u want to push your other 2 bullet points…But I've learned in this business is once you get an ego and think you have it all figured out you're on the decline. I say all the time SEO is a moving Target things change. Is an algorithm it's constantly havering new signals.

But it is almost comical to me that you were using an excuse that it's a bad user experience because you have near me hidden in the Title tag where they don't see and possibly City plus nearby in a header. I can tell you from my personal experience our analytics do not reflect that. bounce rates on these pages are good as well as time on site, pages per view, and ultimately our main goal conversions and or phone calls.

And you want me to address this mythological one day Google is going to drop the hammer on this horrible spamming local sites that are optimizing for near me terms. This means they're going to also drop the hammer on some of these sites they love most including Yelp Angie's List HomeAdvisor Better Business Bureau and I could go on. The whole point of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is giving Google enough data to be able to connect the dots and understand your business. And I don't think showing up or optimizing near me Search terms is spamming. Giving Google the cues to understand you work in that area.

But please keep thinking the way you do. Just makes my job easier! Chow
1st Lol. You hide keyword text in the header? Are you for real? That is quite literally the definition of black hat seo. Google cracking down on such shit is not a myth dude

2nd lol – it is clear who has an ego problem and an extremely thin skin. I just presented a different view point and you're (not 'your' btw) hyper-ventilating and on your way to an ER. RELAX dude

3rd lol – it is ciao, not chow (now go Google it to confirm and edit your comment)

4th lol – your spelling of ciao (which you spelt 'chow' before editing btw) is very representative of your seo skills.

5th lol – I'm making your job easier? You're playing in your backyard son, I'm playing major league. Keep dreaming

*drops mic* Adios.
oh oh. I know your intelligency (this was the correct use of 'your' btw) will yell back incoherently so I wanted to clarify – ranking a site in rural texas towns with populations of 9k and 23k is what I mean by playing in a backyard. Who are you kidding dude

let's compare notes on work you've done in boston, miami, SF, New York City (NYC), Toronto etc.
Okay mr. Major League player that doesn't show up for any near me keywords LMAO

Took you that long to come up with that? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Blackhat? I got that tip from mr. John Mueller himself. There was a question several months ago in Google Hangouts. Up until that point I would watch my pixel and character count because I didn't want my title tags being cut off in the search results. I was under the impression at that the time much like you are now that it would hurt my SEO efforts. See how our strategies and techniques should evolve.

I don't know if you know what show is but that is a show is put on by the Google webmasters channel. They do a weekly q&a with the man himself. And he said even though your title tag maybe longer than me given pixels or characters that is displayed in the results you'll still get credit for all the keywords that is in that extremely long title tag. I believe the example that was given was like two full sentences. If Big Daddy John approves then.

*I can send you over the link if you would like to take a look.

My text-to-speech for my phone still isn't 100%. And I did not change the spelling. It's still that way so you're retarded.

I think you're the one taking this personal. As you can tell I'm using text-to-speech on my phone because you would not be worth the time for me to type all of this out. I wish you the best of luck in the future!
It boggles my mind that that's what you've been meaning by throwing yelp/angies list names repeatedly.

**sigh** I really didn't want to but I'll try again. Slowly. And please don't make your phone read this out for you – you wont get it. Again

You. Can. Show up. For. keywords ending in 'near me'.


Stuffing. The. phrase "near me". In. Your. Header. Or. Content.

Yelp. Homeadvisor. Angie's list. Thumbtack. Yellow Pages. ALL OF THEM. Show up. For. Keywords ending in 'near me'.


NONE OF THEM. Stuff. The phrase "near me". On. Their. Webpage.

Google. DOES NOT. USE. "Near me" as a keyword. but. only. as a GEOGRAPHICAL PROXIMITY INDICATOR

Which. is. why. your… Benbrook/whatever. Roofing. Site. WILL NOT. rank for roofing. IF. Someone. in. Phoenix. types in. 'roof repair near me'

If there is a god, you'll get it this time.
I think it's been proven by psychologist that the smarter you think you are the Dumber in reality you are.

That's why in the video we change our location to the city of Benbrook. After we optimize those pages guess what like magic that page ranked for roof repair near me and roofers near me.

All of those websites you mentioned above optimized web pages for the keyword near me. Yelp even ads near me in the URL. But don't take my word for it just do a site search

Yelp Do a search for near me and you'll see if they have over a hundred thousand web pages. In most of these pages will have near me in the URL! Title tag and meta.

BBB Do one for near me You will find over 5 million Pages where the majority of these Pages they have added the keyword near me on the title tags and meta… Plus on the page

Angielist Do one for near me. Over 4 million pages indexed. They have the keyword near me in the url, title, and. It's also on the pages if you click through

I know you are a big league player I'm Just a Nobody. But when I was taking grade one on page optimization I was taught to put your primary keyword inside of the URL your title tag and inside of your meta description. These are three of the biggest signals that you can give to Google. Not including the content itself or the anchor text connected to that page. You're the smart one I'm glad you talk slow this time. Like I've said several times before please continue to do what you do! It makes my job easier.

You're obviously not doing any research and you're just bickering with me. I I am dumb Angie's List is dumb Better Business bureau's dumb Yelp is dumb we're all stupid you're the smart one and near me is not a keyword and you can't optimize for it.
haha. you barely know grammar and SEO and now you're taking a stab at psychology as well. Literally 0.00 psychologists say anything resembling that. However, you should check out the dunning-kruger curve. It is close to what you're trying to refer to and you, good sir, are around the peak area of that curve

You've been aggressively and personally attacking since your first reply to my comment. Geez man, don't be so insecure on an anonymous forum.

Anyway, I personally want to leave this thread off on a positive note for my own satisfaction. Hopefully in a few months or years you realize it too, that 'near me' is not a keyword (else, and I'm saying this for the 3rd time, a roofer in rural texas could rank in nyc as well but it is impossible to do that) – I'm reluctantly saying this as it sounds truly douche-y but – I've been doing this for 8+ years now. I make my full-time living off local seo, I made my down-payment and make my monthly mortgage and insurance and food and everything off local seo. I personally own 23 local websites across north America, each one of them ranked on page 1 for 'main keyword + near me'. I have 7 regional SEO clients as well. Many of them on page 1, some still making their way, across geographies, across neighborhoods, towns and states. NONE of them using the words 'near me' anywhere on the page, visible or hidden. NONE of them having any backlink whose anchor text has 'near me' in it. Happy to jump on zoom and screen share and show you a few if you can come with an open mind

Try removing 'near me' from your roofing location pages and I'm sure you'll keep your rank for both those small towns in TX

In any case, cheers and peace.
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Okay this is really funny to read. Please don't tell me you have already spent resources on the keyword "near me" which actually is not a keyword. One way of getting traffic from the "keyword" near me is to use Google My Business. Cause Google uses the searcher's address to pop up the things that are actually near him/her geographically.
I don't think a lot of the comments you're getting actually read your post.

The first step you're taking, showing the readers results close to them on your website is a great User Experience (UX) tool. It may not help your rankings directly, but will help with time on site and bounce rate – both of which influence ranking over time.

Local schema is a great step and will help Google figure out your location faster – thus ranking for searches with the "near me" modifier.

Lastly don't forget to use Google MyBusiness to your advantage. The map pack shows up before organic search, so filling everything out as thoroughly as possible is an easy win for local search.

curiousmarketer ✍️
Thanks buddy for the information, I genuinely appreciate you for investing time in reading the post entirely and providing valuable response.

Have a great day ahead. 😊

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