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How SEO experts are getting thousands of high quality backlinks?

Hi everyone, i'm new in this community. Recently i was learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But in the middle i realised that Google algorithm update changes many SEO factors. There were lot of do Follow backlinks techniques such as profile creation, citation etc used to work properly few years back but those things doesn't work anymore even most of em become "no Follow". I have seen many peoples are talking about guest blogging, Email outreach, looking for broken/dead links opportunity for high quality backlinks!
But It's still confusing to me, how they're getting so many backlinks from websites Domain Authority (DA) score 70+. It sounds mysterious to me that's why i would love hear opinions from experienced / expert people. Again, if I'm starting new website then how i should approach for high quality backlinks and if any clients ask for high quality backlinks from websites with high DA! How will i manage to get those high quality backlinks and maintain other factor to rank website faster and properly??
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If you have a established blog it is easier to get backlinks. If you a big site you can get backlinks by ranking on top spot

OkClothes ✍️
I agree with you but what are the best ways to get tons of high quality backlinks while I'm starting new!

if you are starting now, first make sure your technical SEO and onpage SEO is on point, you have all the keywords grouped and all the pages are optimized as per their seed and relevant phrase. Allocate a budget for getting links back to your site, now don't go bonkers on creating profile, comment and other grey/ black hat links directly to your website. And you don't certainly need a Domain Authority (DA) 70 backlinks poitning back to your site it's not about authority its more about relevant traffic. If you are getting a link from DA 70 whose niche doesnt matches with yours and its just for the sake it wont help us but instead if a similar link was acquired from a DA23 site which has 7k organic traffic from the same niche you are trying to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for it will do you some good.

Now if you are starting out you won't be having such huge budget to spend so get a couple backlinks that are highly relevant and start to work on tiers to power them up.

OkClothes ✍️
Thank you so much for your valuable information and tips.I really appreciate it Sir, But still i have doubts on how peoples are providing so many do follow backlinks for cheap rate on fiver, upwork. Even they're offering high quality backlinks along with anchor text on Forbes, entrepreneur etc reputed website for low price!?

Those are all gonna be nofollowed, redirected, on subdomains, press release pages or just straight up no indexed. Not that they are useless (except no indexed) but don't expect them to be a magic bullet.

Google the keywords you want to rank for, pull the first 20-30 sites that rank, check them for relevance and outreach to them directly. Expect to pay for these backlinks – if you can get them free, great, but these are the best backlinks you're ever gonna get (niche relevant and Google obviously likes them, they are ranking).

Pull the backlinks from those sites, check them and outreach to them too. They make your competitors rank, they could be worth while for you too. Avoid using ones that obviously are just riddled with external links, avoid links from link farms.

Then get creative – if you're selling fridges, look for food sites, kitchen supply sites, recipe sites. Outreach to them too!

Building backlinks is hard, and can be expensive. Don't skimp on great links, don't cut corners with shit content, don't build cheap links when you could get good ones.

It will get easier as you build good systems and as you get used to it. You'll get there. When you get those good links you can be really proud of them. Good luck!
OkClothes ✍️
Thank you so much sir for your wise advice and tips. Now i can relate with your thoughts. But i was wondering how people are getting backlinks from websites with High Domain Authority (DA), especially freelancer! They're getting hired for off page optimization and high quality backlink building. Where It's tough for other to rank their own website!
Sometimes SEMrush showing many domain got more than 1 million backlink!!! Ik It's time consuming but still sounds like mystery to me!
Any opinion on that

Google the keywords you want to rank for, pull the first 20-30 sites that rank, check them for relevance and outreach to them directly. Expect to pay for these backlinks – if you can get them free, great, but these are the best backlinks you're ever gonna get (niche relevant and Google obviously likes them, they are ranking).

You really shouldn't be spreading misinformation like this, what a bleak view.

I'm averaging 10-12 DR50+ legit backlinks a week for my startup through guest blog and ABC link exchange outreach. You absolutely do not need to pay for backlinks and you can earn relevant, powerful dofollow links through outreach.
OkClothes ✍️
Glad to hear your positive opinion, would you like to talk about it little bit more how you managed to get 10 to 12 backlinks every week!!!
I do extremely targeted outreach and pitch content people actually want published on their site. It's not complicated.
if people are selling links in cheap, they are not worth it. As u/LawlessandFree said either they are on sub-domains and not going to index or they are redirect links which don't have any equity because that comes from the contextual bondage you have from the content you are getting a link. Now consider it like this, if a bunch of people are giving you cheap links that means it's easily available in the market hence decreasing its value, which in terms in not going to help your business. Soemtimes their DA are manipulated(I can get a DA from 0 to 60 in a month) but that DA is not of any help.

The best way to create links is to search for your compt and analyse their profile and what they are doing. You don't need to build them all just browse and see for yourself which ones are most suitable for your site. Also the more age the site has the more they are to practice black hat strategies and search engines are going to turn blind eye on them but if you just spot these and trying to build them from the go that might not result in something useful.
If you don't mind sharing on how can you get the Domain Authority (DA) from 0 to 60 in a month, it'd be of great help for me.

all already has in Top, use free Ahrefs backlink checker to find your competitior's links and will try to make the same

OkClothes ✍️
I'm already using multiple paid tool for SEO research such as, SEMrush, Ahrefs , moz pro but most of my competitor getting high quality backlinks from high DA website but It's kinda shocking how they're getting 100k backlinks where more than 60% are do follow!!

they has experienced fulltime linkbuilders and some years in the Index ;)
OkClothes ✍️
Yeah that's right, It's long time game and gotta play around for long…


Before I answer, keep in mind that the people who are getting so many backlinks from high DA websites are only a small fraction of the total number of people trying to compete for backlinks. For example, you may have found 10 actual websites with a lot of backlinks from high DA websites. But the fact there were 1,000 other websites in that same niche that could not.

Websites that get a lot of high quality backlinks are those that simply write a lot of high quality content. Google has expressed its preference for content that is well written, that uses subheadings, that uses original photography (not stock photos), and where the webserver responds quickly wtih fast load times. I will add that websites that stick to their primary topic, and does not digress into other loosely-related topics, always perform well in rankings.

You get high quality backlinks because so many other website publishers are still convinced that they must link out to other related websites in other to rank well on Google. The Yoast SEO plugin reinforces this belief because it keeps nagging them that their article does not have an external link. So, writers always look for a top ranked article to link to.

You can easily rank #1 with your article by focusing on a long-tail keyword, and writing about it in great detail. You should try searching Google for that long-tail keyword, and see what they have in their "People Also Asked" panel, to get the exact wording that searchers use.

If you can get several articles to rank #1 on Google, you will find other websites linking to it.

A great reply, thank you for this info!
OkClothes ✍️
Thank you Sir for writing down your valuable thoughts. Is it possible to get 100 thousands of backlinks by writing high quality content? What if i see my competitor already got more than 50k backlinks?

Yes it is possible, but 90% of those backlinks will be low quality. I have a website about camping, and it currently has 3,292 backlinks, most of them coming from off-topic websites or spammy-looking websites. This data is according to Google Search Console. However, I do have a fair number of backlinks coming from on-topic websites and some of these websites have a very high Domain Authority (DA).
OkClothes ✍️
Still you're getting good amount of backlinks!! Would you like to share, how did get started and other techniques you implemented to generate 3k+ backlinks?

Forget about DA, Google doesn't care about these third party metrics. Most are junk and some of them (including DA) are spectacularly bad and easy to manipulate. Even links from big sites can be junk (Forbes etc). The reason is that link value come from the page, not the domain. If the link you get is on a page that doesn't rank, gets no traffic, its junk. The best links are ones on pages that rank and/or get traffic, esp if they rank for things you care about and bring targeted visitors to your site. Those are gold.

OkClothes ✍️
You added some wise tips, thanks for that. But can you tell me what kind of technique freelancer/agency use to rank their client website! Sometimes their backlink count can be more than 20k+!!!

ELI5: I stumbled onto this post by accident.

I see the word DA used a lot. What is that?!

OkClothes ✍️
DA = Domain Authority

Thank you.

In my own experience there has been two strategies to quality link building:
β€’ Guets blogging and contributions
β€’ Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

OkClothes ✍️
Yeah both option are pretty solid! But it will take time and lot of effort to build relationship with publishers!

Yes! Search for blogs that are ambitious and want to grow with you :)
OkClothes ✍️
If you have any then Would you like to share your experience on Email reach out for blog posting?

Just to add my little moan here.

Domain Authority (DA)'s meaningless.
Yes, it gives you a rough idea of the state of a website's backlink profile. That's it. In my experience MOZ, who created the DA metric, don't find nearly as many links as Ahrefs or Google themselves. So how accurate is it as a guide?

Google have also stated that they don't use a metric for measuring a domain's overall quality or strength. It's the authority and Relevance of the linking page.

That's the key, as other people have said, you want to be a resource for relevant sites in your industry / niche. I wouldn't worry too much about the domain as a whole, so long as it is relevant.

OkClothes ✍️
Thaks for your straight forward info. But whenever i check e website and see their domain got like 60k+ backlinks! Then i wonder how is dat possible!!? Cause It's hard for human to generate tons of backlinks! Idk if there is some hidden Sauce dat agencies are using for their clients to generate tons of do follow backlinks! Except Email out reach / guest posting / citation / profile creation / business directories techniques!!!


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