Discussion about Predictions for Search Engine Optimization SEO in 2022

Steven Kang 👑
What's your prediction for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2022?
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discussion about predictions for search engine optimization seo in 2022

Koszo » Steve
All in one year? That's very expedited I'd think

Marty Marion 🎓
In the ecom space especially, entities will become the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ecom SEO will be dominated almost entirely by big players. I think a lot of smaller SMBs will be badly hurt in the organic channel unless they up their game about internal linking, schema, entities, etc.
I think SEO will become even more of a TOF channel exclusively, and ranking top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for high volume search terms will become more difficult in terms of competitive advantage over serious review sites, and big name players who create a massive depth and breadth of content pages.

Steven Kang ✍️ 👑
Excellent assessment. I agree with you.
Ted » Marty Marion
Didn't this already happen last year? 🙂
Marty Marion 🎓 » Ted
Yes, but a lot of folks didn't get the memo. 😉 SEO is no longer a game for the smaller player unfortunately. Also, anyone relying EXCLUSIVELY (or mostly) on SEO for ecom is going to be sorely disappointed unless they have something truly unique or create massively more sophisticated sites…
Ryan » Marty Marion
Not sure why anyone would rely on SEO for ecom when paid ads are so much more powerful
Marty Marion 🎓 » Ryan
Cost, sustainability, brand credibility impact effect, competitive advantage, for example. If your strategy is primarily Pay Per Click (PPC), you don't have a strategy. 😃

Prediction: T5 content generation gets turned into a black hat bot solution to dynamically rewrite web sites as unique auto content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). T5 bot, homepage to clone, theme… boom rewritten site.
Reviews, customer service, and reputation management…no matter how "digital" it all gets, "word of mouth" is still the #1 trusted advertising. If a product or service isn't SEOin' these three, then it's an uphill battle every day. This assumption does not apply to the "blind" who just "buy" the first thing they see online, which I guess could be the majority! hahahaha!
I am curious as to see how and what the "buy local" entity will do with all the recent changes, lockdowns, etc. that have happened.
Truslow 🎓
The line between real world marketing and digital marketing is going to get a lot fuzzier. This prediction is going to be considered insane by many, but it's almost certain to happen at some level. Just you wait and see.
Quite simply… things like billboards, swag with your logo on it, your actual product (if it has brand identifiable markers on it), and basically anything that can be (and actually is) photographed and posted publicly will be a ranking signal.
This will certainly start to happen at a local level for local and localized search results – but it also has potential to work in various regional results for national or global brands, too. I can't be certain the size of the "regions" – whether it's countries, states, major metro areas, or what… but at some level Google will look at brand saturation in various areas through photos taken in those areas and help determine relevance. So, for example, if you live in a state where more photos are showing up of people drinking Pepsi rather than Coke – then the SERPs page which currently (for me anyway) has "Coke" as the only major brand mentioned when I search "Cola" might have Pepsi show up in its place.
Thus, positioning your brand/logo in the real world in places where it can be seen in the background or in the hands of people in the photos that are being taken will be the next big "fad" in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Granted, it won't be a powerful enough thing to really tip the scales in most cases, I would guess… but wait for it. My expectation is that we'll start to hear rumblings around late Spring or early Summer.
By this time next year, everyone in the world will be walking around in their Spammy-Domain . com T-Shirts.

Keith L Evans 🎓 » Simon Cornelius
Led a great discussion about these trends at Mastermind Mansion.
Marty Marion 🎓 » Romano
But but, we do that now…

I think topical optimization is going to enter an exciting new realm. We are seeing Google add more faceted navigation elements to the SERPs to help users drill down to the answer they want, and that offers a lot of interesting information for informal testing and experimentation in filling topical gaps on sites

Truslow 🎓
I think we're already at least ankle deep in this one. This post is from May, but is EXCELLENT in terms of identifying contextual and topical relevance and talking about exactly what and how a search engine can understand these things.
Give this a read for fun if you haven't read it.
Contextual Search | Implications of Context for SEO


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