Deploy Backlinks for Topical Articles in the Same Niche or per Sub Niche

Affiliate SEO PeepsπŸ€‘
I have a good niche site making good money in a particular sub niche.
I learned from Matt Diggity "If you find a profitable niche and built one site, then capture the whole market by creating similar site(s)"
The question is how to go about creating one?
-Can I use the previous site's topical map completely to the new one? (In simple, recreating all the articles of the first site)
-Can I use the same backlinks I used for the new one also?
Thanks in advance
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Given it is in the same niche I can't help but think most would moat the site by building it out. Smaller sites under 200 pages struggle like crazy, topical relevance, authority, and internal linking all suffer on small sites. Google's hate for sub 200 page sites is growing by the day. (spam, low quality, discovered but not indexed, and the list goes on)
A 400 page site, properly structured, within the same niche should destroy two separates at 200 page depth. And this is amplified as you scale to 600 pages vs 200 x3 sites.
The only real reason I can think of to create 2-3 independent sites in the same niche, is to flip them. Or because your branding/domain suck and you're locked into the subniche and have no choice.
600 page site, moated, authority, 200k traffic value
200 page site, unmoated, nonauthority, 20k traffic value
Something like that.

Brian Β» Mucha
Do you have any good case studies for Google hating sites under 200 pages? There are dozens of sites under 200 pages in my niches that have over 100k to 200k page views per month according to Ahrefs so I'm interested to know what you're seeing.
No just a shit ton of experience. 100k-200k traffic seems possible. Just do the math tho.
150k organics at $50 RPM is like $7,500 monthly, while you'll see sites with 600+ pages doing 1 million and 50k monthly.
3x 200 pages sites @ 150k traffic 7.5k usd monthly
1x 600 page site @ 1m traffic 50k monthly
You have any sites under 200 pages pushing 1 million page views monthly on average? And I'm not talking unicorns, but on average?
Answer the questions yourself.
How many internal links does a site with 200 pages have vs a site with 600 pages?
Which site has more authority, is instantly indexed in top 20, top 10 when publishing content?
Which is better with the same link building budget?
a. build links to 3 sites = Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) 35-50 avg
b. build link to 1 site = DR 60 – 70 avg
Which site has more topical relevance on niche level?
a. site with 200 pages
b. site with 600 pages
Brian Β» Mucha
I agree with what you're saying, I just don't agree with the characterization that a site doing 150k traffic is "struggling like crazy".
I would expect to see $100 combined RPM for ads and affiliate, a site making me $15k a month isn't a sign to me that Google "hates" it.
Yes bigger sites have more potential, I just think there are a lot of niches where only a small handful of sites get anywhere near a million page views, and there's still a ton of money to be made with smaller sites in smaller niches.
If you happen to publish 600 pages one day, and compare it with your existing site. You'll likely see what I mean.
A sub 200 page is fighting for its life every day, I'd call that a struggle in my books.
And if you double the RPM on a 200 page site, triple it on a 600 page site. You'll get far better affiliate offers and higher rates across the board. I was just normalizing the data on some level.
Ricardo Β» Mucha
Totally agree with you from personal experience

Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘
This strategy works best for micro niches.
If you've found a killer weight loss pill (lets call it, Ketoflex) that is making you crazy bank, then its easy to scale out a bunch of mini sites.
Yes, you can re-use the topical map. And no, you can't get all the same links or you've created a footprint.
If you're dealing with a major niche, like weightloss, copy and pasting an authority site over and over again isn't efficient.
In that case, use parasite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get on newspaper media sites for the main keywords that make you money.
Just hope you don't rank higher than your own site. The parasite articles convert like shit compared to a real site.

Ankit Β» Matt
Do you have any video that shows how to build a topical map?
Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘
Coming soon to The Affiliate Lab
Tim Β» Matt Diggity
Koray style?
Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘ Β» Tim
Korays style is manual. Anyone can do that right now.


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