Creating Ten Articles a Day May Help SEO


Does a lot of blog content (10 posts per day) help Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

New marketing manager here, could use some advice.
Am currently in a back-and-forth disagreement with my Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He believes that the more content we produce, the better our search rankings will improve, and is requesting 10+ blog posts be written per day.
I understand that more quality posts is a good thing, but I have also heard that generating many URLs at once can harm search ranking results. I also know, through data, that our blog posts generate very little inbound traffic, so to me, putting our effort into generating 10+ posts per day seems a wasted effort.
Can any of you share your thoughts?
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β€’ Quality over quantity, always
β€’ Quantity with quality if you can
What both you and your boss need to understand is the actual PURPOSE of these posts. From Google's POV, they couldn't care less about you or your company. They only care about answering questions their users have. If your blog posts do a good job of this – better than everyone else around you – you'll rank with the most minimal of self promotion (for a small business, typically some citation building + social stuff).
You as the marketing manager should ensure that the blog posts link to at least a few other places within your website (including other blog posts). This IS great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially if your blog posts don't suck. Also make sure you have keyword-optimized-but-not-myopically-focused page titles, meta titles/descriptions, and overall content.
I rank tons of small businesses with 1 kickass blog post/mo and a basic outreach strategy.
If your boss doesn't believe you (and now me by extension), PM me your work email and I'll shoot over a brief Loom video where I'll walk through some SEMrush/Analytics data of a few of my clients.
Source: 15-year SEO vet with 70+ websites under management that generate 15mm PV's/mo and growing.

Wholeheartedly agree.

The key is quality yes. Look at sites like Engadget, CNN, Mashable, whatever else. Theres tons of articles being posted every day, all being shared and linked to across the internet. If you can successfully produce that much quality content and post it 10 times a day then that is a solid strategy in my opinion (7 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO))

So what you're saying is, with a team of writers, it's doable.

Having pages on your website that get minimal traffic is generally inadvisable as this means that Google views your site as not providing value. It's not solving any searcher's query, or at least, your competitors are solving the query more effectively with their content.
Rather than get mired in the quality vs quantity debate, start with reworking the blog strategy. Run a content audit with Google Analytics (GA). Determine why these posts aren't getting enough traffic and take steps to address the issues by optimizing existing content and use that knowledge to inform how you create future content. Once you have a successful blog strategy, you can think about scaling it to 10 posts a day (though really, this level of content production only makes sense if you're focusing on news or current events where you have a team of several writers).

I have a bunch of pages that get no traffic, but some pages that do very well with >5% Click Through Rate (CTR). Are you saying that Google may be viewing my site as not providing value because of the many no volume pages that have been created over the last decade?

Google wants your site to have useful content on as many pages as possible that they can serve to users. If your site has a lot of low-utility pages and poor engagement metrics, it speaks to the Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) of the site as a whole.
While it's unlikely that a site can attract organic traffic coming to every page, at the very least every page should serve business objectives. If your content isn't attracting traffic, converting leads, or helping customers, why does it exist?

It depends on a lot of stuff that you haven't included in your post. Could you give more details?
First, 10 per day would be a ridiculous number even for a team of 20 writers, as it would leave almost no time for research and quality control. On the other hand, 10 articles per day would be reasonable for a news organization with a huge staff.
How many writers are on the team and how many people will be hands-on managing SEO?
How many topics are you covering? Is it a small niche or is there a huge range of different topics?
I have a client who has executive leadership that are inclined to similar beliefs and they're always pushing for tons of blogs. They're blog obsessed. The problem is that they only have a team of 2 writers, the content is very technical, the niche is extremely small, and they only have one outsourced SEO guy, me, and I have plenty of other stuff on my plate from them without having to manage balancing 1 new blog a day that are all on the same topic.
The client has like 100 blogs already that are all basically about the same thing and it's damn near impossible to manage.

I really hate this management approach. They expect everything to scale in the same linear manner and it just doesn't. Idiots.


I think answer seems obviously "No, it doesn't". But, in real life, it depence on.
SEO is simple. Content, links, context, relevance. So to create content isn't enough. Because you'll spend time. 1 post or 10 posts need to index (100500 thouthands/millions of pages about subject), to rank and to attract people (3-6-12 months).
From SEO point of view spamming with 10+ blog post is not a good thing. I would advise you to try involving your audience into a discussion about your blog post on your social media pages. And you should also use a clear call to action in your blog posts. Hope you will come to an agreement with your Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
The ecommerce I work for doesn't have a blog, we focused on the copy of the main cat and brand pages and ended up still beating our competitors. One post a day that is evergreen and can answer questions in the decision phase of your customer goes a long way. Don't focus so much on quantity, focus on your customers answers and then how it fits into your SEO strategy.
Also there is no expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we all have experiences we can share so testing your strategy is always key to getting your answer in SEO and obtaining facts
I don't know what niche you are in, but I think if you would make 10+ blogposts per day, that you'll run out of topics in no time.
Making multiple posts on the same subject is a big no-no. It is better to have 1 solid post per topic and revisit that post regularly to keep it fresh. Think about the problems and/or questions your target audience will look for and make a quality post that covers this. That is how you become an authority and Google will reward that.
It's also a good idea to see how your competion is handeling their blog. Both their strategy and topic choices.
If you ask such a question, it's obvious that you are not a news resource.
First of all, remember that you are writing blog posts not for rankings, but for readers. The benefits you give are much more important than just the number of posts. That being said, posts for entertainment work good too!
I'm sure your readers will enjoy some specific topics for days of the week and will be waiting for specific posts.
That's why I think 10 blog posts a week (!) will be good enough for your readers and for SEO too.
Google is very strict regarding its resources so don't waste it by posting boring contents. Try to do research in your niche and find untapped ideas to help people. Google will love you when every one else love you
Thank you Alok Rankon Technologies
Depends on your industry, but we don't do 10+ blog posts a day and we generate millions of sessions a month (in house SEO).
The concept behind writing article pieces is to allow you to horizontally be spread across different keywords. If you don't have content to target those keywords, then you're spending blind resources.
If the keyword research justifies the 10+ blog posts a day, then f*ck yeah do it. Otherwise, you should try to be efficient
A daily or weekly blog frequency is only going to help you increase your traffic if the content is unique, thoughtful, and helpful to your readers. When creating any type of content it's always better to follow the rule of quality over quantity, as long as you're not posting only one blog article per quarter.


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