Create Videos and a YouTube Channel to Introduce Your Carpet Cleaner Services

How might a carpet cleaner operating from home and working in multiple small cities without an office in them get exposure through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
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I used to be a carpet cleaner before I started my current SEO Marketing Agency and started off on my own and ended up selling the carpet cleaning business with nearly 20 staff after scaling with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!…
… I still have FB business pages in about 10 different towns and cities…
… Even though I don't update these pages anymore, I still get 2 or 3 enquiries a day from people just using FB like a search engine to find local, carpet cleaners so for starters I'd at least create location pages with invidual FB business pages for them.
I also created a video FB ad that was redicously good… If you can show the before, during and after on a video on social it can easily go viral. The only problem with FB though, is that you have to wade through a lot of trash customers, even if you're very targeted.
If you have staff in other locations, then you can use their address as an Service Area Business (SAB) Google My Biz (GMB) listing on a location page… I've reinstated a few GMB's like this and every time, Google were fine with this Franchise type arrangement.

Leon Β» Holgate
What addresses did you use for the fb pages?

Throw up a GMB, whenever you visit a client offer to make their carpet cleaning free in exchange for a service-area based GMB in their location πŸ™‚
After a few of these you'll have built up quite a network of lead generating assets.
Ammon Johns πŸŽ“
How on earth does a carpet cleaner operate from home? πŸ˜ƒ
I get the real question, but actually my joke above highlights an important point – he's not WORKING from home, nor 'Operating' from home in the sense that matters to customers. All that matters is that it is a service business that comes to the customers, within a certain area of operating (a radius of travel from his supplies).
So long as customers have a reliable way of getting in touch, and that the phone will be answered, they genuinely don't care whether his office is in his home, a warehouse, or the penthouse of some flashy office towering over the center of the city, unless those overheads affect the price.
Ammon Johns πŸŽ“
Okay, start with the foundation. You'd want a website that details what the service is, how it operates, what it costs, and how to get it.
Next you'd add content marketing, and my suggestion would be to start with the anti-commercial queries. Anti-commercial search is all those millions of searches people do to AVOID buying a product or service.
"How to get red wine stains out of a carpet" is a prime example. These searches are not made by people who've never heard of professional carpet cleaners, but by people *hoping* to be able to save money. The vast majority of them will end up buying the products or services they were hoping to avoid anyway, but only after trying some DIY.
By providing the DIY guides, information, tips, and professional tricks of the trade, you get to showcase the expertise, and the hard work it can actually take. You get to be known by people who spill stuff on carpets, and hopefully to be trusted by them too.
You may be able to even sell them supplies to try it for themself, but mostly, you'll be showing them why this is an actual job, and why most people prefer to leave it to a professional. And you are the top-of-mind professional in the trade who they know and have just decided they can trust, based on your helpful honesty…
Anti-Commercial Queries – the money in anti-commerce

Ammon Johns πŸŽ“
Next, create a YouTube channel. One of the absolute best media and platforms for that "How to" DIY content is YouTube. You can showcase all those tips and tricks, especially if you can show it in actual practice on a job (where you can also mention the general district the job was done in)
"Remove Red Wine Stains from a [Brand] [colour] Carpet in [District]" might be the title of such a video. Make use of the description to link to your site (the link value will increase as more links to the video may appear), maybe provide an affiliate linked guide to products used, and any other relevant info that may help the video to surface both on YouTube and within Google results.
Encourage discussion within the commentary. Ask questions of the viewers, or otherwise invite/solicit feedback. That too helps with visibility on YouTube.
Now you can embed those videos into the relevant "How to" content on your website, which again, helps those videos be more discoverable on YouTube, and to stand alone as videos Google search may surface.
From now on, every time you're on a job to clean a carpet, you'd think of filming a quick tips video of it, so that each job you do is helping you market your service for the next. Don't expect instant results, but over time, as more and more of these videos exist, it all adds up and can be significant.
The above 2 tactics are going to take time to work, and they ramp up over time. For instant results, just use Pay Per Click (PPC), and paid ads for 'carpet cleaning [location]' and all other relevant terms, like rug cleaning, stain removal, etc.
Bing can be an especially good search engine for this, as this is precisely the kind of thing where the lower costs and lower competition on Bing pay off, and the service is just as applicable to people who barely ever use the internet except to check Facebook a few times a week, or when needing some service they've never bought before will turn on their computer with its default browser and default search engine, with no idea what ads are, and just do a search and click those ads.

Truslow πŸŽ“
In addition to all the above – define your service area in your GMB listing as well as in your schema on your web site. Once you define the area, you'll show up when people search locally.


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