An SEO VA Does Backlinks, but they Don’t always Make the Report. The Client Gets Worried about Using Black Hat Way


Our SEO consultant will not tell us which links he has acquired for us as a result of our link building campaign. That's weird, right?

I'm worried he has used black hat stuff or private blog networks and doesnt want to get busted.
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Please fire him and start tracking your backlinks through Google Search Console if not a paid tool.. That is one of the worst things that your SEO Consultant can do to you..

Qweniden ✍️
Thank you for the feedback

Please fire him and start tracking your backlinks through Google Search Console if not a paid too

I don't see the option to look at backlinks on search console. What paid tools are good at this?

• Go to Search Console
• Click on Switch to the old version on bottom left
• Click on Search Traffic
• Click on Links to your site
• You will get 2 tables, Who links the most and Your most linked content, which when expanded can give you the recent backlinks acquired
Ideally, you should use Moz, Search Console and Ahrefs at the same time to create an exhaustive list of backlinks and keep a track of them on a weekly basis. Depending on how much traffic your website has, and how good your robots and schema are set up, Google bots will continue to crawl your website with a certain frequency and you shouldn't be caught having bad backlinks for an extended period of time.
Also, once you see these backlinks, check how many of them are shady or spammy in nature. You would either have to mail the webmaster for the website who gave you the backlinks for either removing the backlink or changing it to no follow. If they don't respond, disavow the backlink using Google Search Console once a week.

What do you mean he will not tell you where the backlinks are?
Have you asked him and he said "no I will not tell you" or did he say something else?
What type of links is he saying he creates?
Use Ahrefs and check the links he has built and see what they are for yourself. If they are spammy junk then fire him of course.
I do not send link reports because clients normally do not understand them and drive me nuts with questions when we do. If a client asks though we are happy to provide them to them without any questions.

Qweniden ✍️

What do you mean he will not tell you where the backlinks are?

Just that. He won't tell us.

Have you asked him and he said "no I will not tell you" or did he say something else?

To paraphrase he says clients are too stupid to determine if the links are quality so they should only focus on results.

What type of links is he saying he creates?

He won't tell us.

If a client asks though we are happy to provide them to them without any questions.

That is what I would have suspected. The fact that he won't makes me feel that he has done some black hat f*ckery.

Then tell him that you expect transparency. Either he provides the reports to you are finished with his service.
You can use Ahrefs to look at what he has done to date.
Have your rankings increased with his work? If he is using a Private Blog Network (PBN) and removes your links your site will drop of course and you will have lost all that time and money that you have paid him to date. If he is creating quality guest posts then he should either have no problem showing you and your rankings will not tank.
Also as I said I do not just send reports of links to clients (time consuming and opens for more questions). We do only guest posting and send reports when directly asked. Our monthly reports are analytics, web console and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) positions showing improvement. I would never say a client is to stupid to understand a link report because they is extremely disrespectful and degrading. He should educate you if you are asking to learn.
Private Blog Network (PBN) links, if done right, won't show up on Ahrefs or Majestic. Also, it's not likely a client will have access to expesive SEO software. You might check Google Search Console (GSC) in addition either way for hidden PBN links.

Ahrefs and search console will show you back links but which ones he's responsible for they will not. We provide our clients with a spreadsheet of our back link efforts and successes, the fact that he won't tells me he either is doing something you wouldn't approve of or has sub contracted someone who won't provide them to him. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't hard, we run national SEO campaigns, every detail we provide to our clients.
We are service providers and educators. What's the point of reports if the client doesn't understand them? You need to fine an agency that will provide every detail by default
Maybe he is using black hat tricks for generating backlinks that's why he is not giving you report how many back-links he generate check through or how many backlinks he is generate and from which website he is generating if you want i will give you report of how your website from feel free to pm me

If he'd really done any work, he'd be eager to show it. Even if he – as you say – used "black hat tricks", he'd also have something to show, if only a few that look "clean" and overall statistics. There's no use in doing work and not being able to prove it in this business.

I would never work with some one who refuses to give me a list of links. But I know that many service providers do that. The question is whether or not you see good results. If not, get rid of them. But if you see good results maybe it's worth biting your tongue. By the way, there are many ways to see the backlinks to your site. You don't really need their report for that.
That's really weird. If you are hiring someone you have the full rights to know what is done to reach the goal. If someone is not interested to share the links he created for your business, what's the use to hire him. Transparency should be there.
Be aware, not a good sign to proceed.
Well Private Blog Networks (PBN)s are still great though. In fact they are some of the most economical power there is.
The trick is doing monthly or weekly detoxes on your link profile to keep it clean.
And yes, he should be able to provide you a link report. You are right to be suspicious.


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