A Sheet for Link Building, Just Copy-Pasted Each Line Into Google Search


Cheat Sheet for Link Building

My least favourite part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is link building.
It's time-consuming and repetitive, and it can be a major grind. As we all know, there is no way around it. I hope I am helping make the process easier for some of you. I made these sheets for myself and I use it for my clients.
Just before I get into the cheat sheet part, here is the basics (For whoever doesn't know): Type your niche keywords into google, followed by a phrase like the following one:
technology inurl:"guest-bloggers-wanted"
You instantly get a list of blogs that are currently accepting guest posts and are relevant to your niche.
Of course, this probably won't work for all of the niches out there, but for the most part, these will help you out immensely with your outreach process!
Now, on to the cheatsheets!
Guest Post Opportunities Cheatsheet
inurl:blog intitle:"write-for"
intext:blog inurl:"submission-guidelines"
Local Citations Cheatsheet
inanchor:"submit-business" OR inanchor:"submit-listing"
intitle:directory OR inurl:directory
inurl:"submit-business" OR inurl:"submit-listing"
Intext:"submit business" OR intext:"submit listing"
inurl:submit intitle:directory
inurl:"business directory" OR intitle:"business-directory"
"submit-your-company" OR "add-your-company" OR "submit-your-listing" OR "submit-your-business" OR "submit-your-site" OR "add-your-listing" OR "add-your-business"
"add your listing"
intitle:submit inurl:form
intitle:"add link" or inanchor:"add link" or intext:"link to us" or intext:"submit site" or intext:"submit page"
intitle:create website OR intitle:make website OR intitle:form to create website OR intitle:form to make website OR "create your own website FREE" OR "create your own free website" OR "make your own free website" OR "form to create a website" OR "form to create websites for free"
Finding Content Promoters Using Google
intext:"article republished from"
intext:"article syndicated from"
intext:"republished from"
intext:"syndicated from"
intext:"reposted from"
intext:"distributed by"
intext:"distributed from"
intext:"is republished from"
intext:"is distributed by"
intext:"is distributed from"
Comments Cheatsheet
"Allowed HTML tags: <a>"
"Make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags"
"add comment"
"show more comments"
"Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked"
"1..1000 replies"
"Leave a Reply"
"No comments yet"
"Your email address will not be published"
"Email (will not be published)"
"Leave a Reply"
Forums Cheatsheet
inurl:viewtopic OR inurl:"view-topic"
inurl:"powered by SMF" OR inurl:"powered by Phbb" OR inurl:"powered by IPB" OR inurl:"powered by MyBB" OR inurl:"powered by PunBB" OR inurl:"powered by vBulletin"
inurl:"forum/" AND "register.php"
Submit Giveaway Cheatsheet
inurl:giveaway intitle:"add giveaway"
intext:"add giveaway" OR intext:"submit giveaway"
intitle:giveaways OR intitle:giveaway
Resources and Links Cheatsheet
Intitle:"suggested websites" OR intitle:resources OR intitle:"recommended sites"
inurl:resources OR inurl:"favourite-resources" OR inurl:links OR inurl:"favourite-links"
inurl:links intitle:"link-resources"
Donations Cheatsheet
inurl:donate intitle:"donate-our-charity"
intext:"ways to give" OR intext:"support our organization" OR intext:"support our cause" OR intext:"support our charity"
intitle:"ways to give" OR intitle:"support our organization" OR intitle:"support our cause" OR intitle:"support our charity"
inurl:"ways-to-give" OR inurl:"ways-to-donate" OR inurl:"ways-to-help"
Reviews Cheatsheet
inurl:review inurl:blog
intitle:"submit your product for review" OR intext:"submit your product for review"
intext:"send your products for review"
intitle:review inurl:blog
I hope this helps. Anyone too lazy to do any of this, and wanna find guest post opportunities, feel free to use this new tool I built – getguestposts . io
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Seen lists like this shared and promoted for years. Needs serious updating. For instance, please get rid of the inurl:directory related vars. They are not relevant any longer.
Honestly though, Google functions like this one (the ones that still actually work) return far too many results to effectively use readily. I strongly suggest Redditors reading this thread check out how to expand on this type of searching for opportunities. There still is no better utility than using software like Scrapebox to find and track 'footprints'.
Create Share-Worthy Content
The most important part of link-building is creating share-worthy content. If your content is rich and well-written, others will be naturally inclined to link to it. However, this is easier said than done.
Creating online content includes a variety of different types of content including blogs, website content, press releases, social media posts, videos, photos, podcasts, webcasts, and more! Each of these types of content can be share-worthy in its own way. While site content should never be duplicated for another platform, different types of content can be repurposed. Each platform is different and content should be developed and altered to meet the requirements of the platform and the expectations of its users.
Tips for Creating Share-Worthy Content:
Create content for humans, not search engines.
Make it useful and provide your users with something they actually need.
Tailor your voice and message to match your viewers' expectations.
Written content should be bite-sized, easy to scan, and easy to understand.
Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines.
Include buttons that allow viewers to share on social media.
great post! will help me find new link building opportunities.

ContentKngt โœ๏ธ
You're welcome. Feel free to use our app that will help you do this easily – https://getguestposts.io


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