A Job Description to Populate or Edit Blog Posts or Articles

Not directly SEO related, but who do you use to populate/edit blog posts/articles? (If not doing it yourself)
I'm talking about taking the SEO content and turning it into an engaging blog post with supporting images, graphics, references, social embeds, CTAs, etc. So that it doesn't just end up a 1000+ word wall of text.
Is there a job role/title that this falls under?
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Hello! I think this could fall into a number of categories. I do this for a number of clients and then implement all on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and schema. I'd say the specific roles would fall under a User Experience (UX) designer, content strategist, or even copywriter. Those roles often blend together
Keith L Evans πŸŽ“
Ultimately G wants to satisfy the user search query. We want to convert the user. CRO is part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is another silly acronym abbreviation for Conversion Rate Optimization.
These specialists focus on getting the user to buy. They take a good page and make it great.
You may also find an advanced SEO who understands how to make these powerful pages. They use persuasive writing, emotion, and all the tricks to make great content.
An amazing writer should also be able to do this. They may not have some of the technical SEO know how but that is where a senior SEO steps in for final edits.
And you're right. Great content is not enough, it must deliver an on-screen experience better than any other page. I do believe this is the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's going beyond query satisfaction, it's the ultimate user experience.
Just step back and think about the future of technology, how the immersive opportunities will delight to rankings and conversions.
If your content is amazing, you're going to rank.
I do much of that as an SEO consultant, but then we also bring in other people depending on the project budget.
A Β£20k to Β£40k project would have a graphic designer who takes instruction from the User Experience (UX) / SEO lead, and would usually also have additional copywriters for niche subjects. The development team would help to implement advanced technical SEO, server improvements and php/template changes. Plus extra CSS styles to allow nice bullet point lists, styling testimonials, creating global CTA blocks etc.
For a Β£5k to Β£10k project, I'd be doing most of the blog content myself with help from the client on images /photos, plus all the technical SEO and there would be a smaller budget for essential dev work.
Noah Lopata πŸŽ“
It's really a team effort as it's tough for one person to possess all of the skills.
We have our content written then send it to our graphic designer to lay out the page.
I then go over the mockup and adjust for CRO purposes as Keith said above.
The designer finishes up the mockup (done in Adobe XD) then it's sent to the developer to publish.
Then we optimize the page for Google.
Don't hire one person to do the lot.
Whoever you are hiring check their availability for work. They may have major life events coming up, and this could impact your project.
Anyone who says they are Jack of All Trades is a master of none. Don't hire them.
Pay an hour rate and clearly agree performance metrics to ensure its meets your criteria.
Check their work at random to ensure quality.
Finally if you are hiring a freelancer / agency, you need to check their "churn and burn" rate. If their clients are dropping like flies that should be a big red sign. Sadly they won't tell you so a bit of detective work needed.
Andy ✍️
Thanks for the replies so far. I think maybe I wasn't 100% clear. I'm talking specifically about blog content.
So let's say a writer has written 2000 words of optimised content for a certain topic. If you don't just want your blog post to just be 2000 words of text it needs any combination of images, references, screenshots, social proof, etc as well as the odd pre-designed CTA in there.
I would usually populated the content myself and source and include these things, but if I were to get someone else to do that, what would their role be? Blog/content editor?


Ammon πŸŽ“
It all depends on the purpose of the content.
Like if the site were all about gaming, and the content was to be reviews of games that would be useful to actual gamers, then you are looking for a 'game reviewer' content role.
Likewise, most other markets and audiences will have subject matter experts, people who really know the topic, and the audience needs from content on that topic.
Then there is 'burger flipper content'. Content produced on a production line by people with no passion for the art of writing in real terms, just following the formula of cheap, nasty and fast output.
If the content is just literal 'filler' for a page, then the usual title is 'content writer', but in our heads we see uncaring people in dead end jobs, passionlessly flipping burgers to be stuffed into buns.
Truslow πŸŽ“
I feel like you're looking at it upside down.
"I'm talking about taking the SEO content and turning it into an engaging blog post with supporting images, graphics, references, social embeds, CTAs, etc."
Optimize your engaging content. Not the other way around.
Sure. you might get your content ideas from keyword research and things in that area – but then you just stop SEO thought for a moment and just think about what the person who uses those keywords is looking for. Is it beneficial for you to provide that for them? If so, provide it in an engaging way with all the things you mentioned – keeping SEO in mind.
If you're just creating content because you found some keywords that you think are good – it's hard to make it engaging – and it's hard to even fathom if you should be bothering to do it in the first place.
Andy ✍️
Thanks again for all the comments.
I've done some more research and seems like the responsibility would fall with either:
– The marketing manager – Me in this case but most likely too busy
– The writer – but only if they have broader content/creative skills
– A dedicated Content Editor – who would be in charge of managing all content activities.
A User Interface (UI)/graphic designer would definitely be overkill for this task and we would only use their skills if any custom graphics were required.


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